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Fun Run at Be2Run

July 31, 2014

Still energetic enough to jump after a 6 kilometer run! WOW!
As you can tell, the Adobe team just couldn’t wait to participate in Be2Run. WOW!

Being healthy, reaching goals, running for charity and having fun together—these are a handful of factors that drove Adobe employees in Hamburg and Munich to take part in one of the biggest running events of the year in Germany. Be2Run is an event that rotates through 10 different German cities. It attracted more than 6,000 runners in Hamburg from 330 different companies to run together on a 6 kilometer route, finishing in the massive Imtech Arena, which really makes you feel like a professional marathon runner. The Adobe Hamburg team, made up of 13 motivated and competitive employees, earned the 53rd spot amongst 483 teams. Well done!

Shortly after, Be2Run made its way to Munich. 30,000 runners from over 1,500 companies participated in a 6.4 kilometers race. 17 Adobe employees, all geared up in Adobe attire, secured the 1,137th spot against 3,321 teams. Congratulations team!

Running and taking on challenges feels great. Giving back to the community in a fight against hunger, poverty, and social grievances for children and adolescents makes this challenge even more worthwhile. We’ll be back next year for sure. Be on the look out for team Adobe!

Adobe Hamburg running team
Adobe Hamburg Team
Thumbs up to #AdobeLife
Thumbs up to #AdobeLife
Adobe Munich running team
Adobe Munich team
Fun on the run!
Fun on the run!