Adobe & University Students

Bridging the gap with code

August 14, 2014


Adobe hosts a group of motivated and talented female high school students for the Girls Who Code program.

Girls Who Code is a program that aims to educate girls in computer science. Since it launched in 2012, Girls Who Code has gone from 20 girls in one classroom to graduating 3,000 girls from clubs and camps across the country. The need for this kind of initiative is real: by 2020, there will be 1.4 million jobs in computing fields, but women are on track to fill only 3 percent of those jobs.

Adobe partnered with Girls Who Code for the first time this year, hosting 20 students from across the country to learn everything from graphics and animation to mobile app development. The girls spent seven weeks at Adobe headquarters in San Jose this past summer, fully immersing them in our technology and pairing them with volunteer Adobe mentors.

GWC3The students successfully completed the program last week. At the graduation ceremony, Adobe’s senior vice president of People & Places, Donna Morris (pictured far left in the photo), shared a few words of encouragement. She said, “Never say you can’t. The fact you were selected to be in the program is a huge statement about your capability. Take this experience from the summer and have the confidence to know you can do it!”

Enjoy this short Adobe Voice animated video by one of the talented Girls Who Code participant, Yeabtsega Birhane.