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March 11, 2015

Soumalya S. works as a Manger, IT Business Services on Adobe’s Information Technology team. He has been with Adobe for a little over a decade but the dream of being an Adobe employee began during a perfectly ordinary course in Advance Multimedia that he took as a boy, which first introduced him to one of our signature products – Adobe Photoshop. And he was hooked. It was then that he first dreamed of someday being part of Adobe.

AdobeLife: What cool stuff are you currently working on?
Soumalya: I have been through multiple roles within Adobe in the last ten years, starting off as a QA Engineer and working my way up to my current position. Just recently, our team delivered Workday integration, a Human Resource Management Software, for our People Resources organisation and we are now working on building the user interface for a unified app store that streamlines multiple SaaS/On Premise-based services. It all sounds very technical and it is, but the end goal is to make the ultimate user experience a delight!

AdobeLife: Tell us about your team here at Adobe?
Soumalya: I am proud to work with such sharp, multi-functional and focused people who love to innovate and share ideas. We are a highly talented and creative team. We come from very diverse walks of life but we are all dedicated to delivering rich user experiences around employee productivity through a unified app store, SaaS integrations and migrations between legacy enterprise modules and cloud-based tools leveraging the ‘Entrust’ framework.

AdobeLife: What inspires you?
Soumalya: The people do. It’s the people I work with every day that inspire me. What I admire most is the leadership at Adobe that is so different from what we conventionally imagine. It is distinguished by humility which is also something you will find everywhere at Adobe.

AdobeLife: What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?
Soumalya: I remember, it was during my initial years at Adobe and during a casual lunch time conversation, a Senior Leader at Adobe  said “It doesn’t matter how many times you fail. It matters that you get back up and try again.” That was such a simple statement and it has stuck with me ever since!

AdobeLife: What do you love most about your job?
Soumalya: I think that very few companies in this world will allow a dream to flourish like Adobe does because we are encouraged to push the boundaries of innovation here – if you can dream it, you can do it. Without this encouragement, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

AdobeLife: How would you describe Adobe’s culture?
Soumalya: When I say that I’m living my dream at Adobe, I am not exaggerating. We honor those who dare to dream, take risks, innovate and are not afraid to rise from failures. Working for Adobe is not just a job, it is an experience that is fulfilling in many ways and brings with it an endless sense of pride and unparalleled passion to innovate. It is an honor to work with founders who say that “the most important assets of Adobe are those who go home in the evening.”

AdobeLife: What do you do when you are not at work?
Soumalya: Spending time with my family is most important. I love to write, read, cook and recently started studying the ‘productizing process’ at the Institute of Product Leadership. If there is any time left, I love swimming and strategy-based computer gaming. Back in the day , I also used to be a well-known performer of Michael Jackson’s Thriller :-).

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I joined adobe family and was working with soumalya from past 9 months the way he handles things are fast he analysis the problem and try to give us ideas to solve it.And major point is innovation he always in one on one what you this week/Month apart from your daily work and suggestions based on our work.
It was Great Pleasure and honor to work with you are one of the best leader i have worked under.

I am Sagar Ganapaneni, Currently interviewed for the Business/Data Analyst Position at Adobe.
I really like the Quote “Working for Adobe is not just a job, it is an experience that is fulfilling in many ways and brings with it an endless sense of pride and unparalleled passion to innovate”.

I am looking forward to do well in my interviews and work for a Adobe.