Adobe Invents: From Conversation to Patentable Ideas

May 27, 2015

Computer scientist Neha Saxena solves video streaming problems with the help of her team, innovative thinking, and a capacity for wonder.

Neha Saxena is fascinated by robots. She cites their ubiquity and ability to help people do what was once impossible as the most appealing part of their allure. And, since she was a child, she’s been intrigued with the way engineering works: “My father is a Computer Science professor, so I was exposed to a lot of interesting ideas at a young age. During a dinner discussion one night, he told me about hover trains and how they worked. I still recall how fascinated I was with the idea: a train levitating with a magnetic field could run at amazingly high speeds. I ended up making a hover train model for one of my school projects!” As part of the Adobe Primetime engineering team in Noida, India, Neha continues to cultivate her curiosity for engineering by providing video streaming innovation and solutions.

Surprise Innovation

“To me, innovation is solving a real-life problem in a very simple, yet unique way,” shared Neha. In practice, Neha collaborates effectively with her team to come up with these solutions—but it’s not always planned.

“During a casual discussion with team mates, we brainstormed a few ways to find the effectiveness of an advertisement in video. It was totally spur of the moment: we certainly didn’t think we’d come up with a patentable idea! In the end, we found a way by analyzing the user’s sentiments on displayable content.” This particular technology was patented by Adobe, and it’s been picking up steam recently. “I’ve read recent news articles about start-ups that have started working around technology similar to this particular patent, and it feels great.”

The Quest for Finding a Better Solution

When asked about her opinion of patents and their significance, Neha responds: “I usually don’t consciously think of patents. I generally focus on the problems and try to find innovative ways to solve them. Patents happen as a by-product.” The desired result isn’t so much the reward of a patent—though they are critical to keeping Adobe protected against patent trolls—rather, the solution itself. “We should not stop at the first solution that we think of when we are faced with a problem. We should always try to do it in a better way. Whether that gets patented or not is a different matter, but the quest for finding a better solution should always be there.”

Thankfully, Adobe’s culture for fostering innovation is alive and thriving. Neha believes that Adobe is “a place where innovators can focus on the problems that are being faced by people today, or may be faced tomorrow, find simple and ingenious ways to solve them, and then patent the technologies involved in the solution.”

Change, Invent, and Solve

World-changing solutions are a central theme to Neha’s inspiration. When asked about what she wished she could have invented, Neha says, “There are many. There are so many things that we use in everyday life that are great inventions and would have been difficult to even imagine by our earlier generations. For example, 30 years ago who would have thought that more than a billion people would be carrying a smartphone in their pocket, which would be more powerful than the fastest computers in that time period? It’s amazing how much the world can change with inventions.”

With a total of seven patents to her name, Neha continues to change the world through her inventions and always keeps her mind open to the best solutions for the most pressing problems her team faces.

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Neha Ji, great thing but we need to solve another biggest problem in the world.! Video and other computer stuffs is very facinating, I left the computer-science world for quite long as I was turning around.. But I decided to come to help people who cannot afford my works, believe me there´s a lot of them and tried to use the computer knowledge for their daily uses… this is really facinating too.. Be blessed.. Great work and keep it. ! Balram

Awesome. We need more such people in India. Good Job Neha. All the best for your future inventions.

Hi Snehasish, the best way is to look for the latest opportunities we have posted on and apply for those that you’re interested in.