Meet our 2015 Founders’ Award Recipients

October 15, 2015

FA 15

Adobe’s founders, John Warnock and Chuck Geschke, started the company with the belief that, when it comes to results, the how is just as important as the what. This philosophy is still at the core of our culture today and the values that are the foundation of our company: genuine, exceptional, innovative and involved.

Today, we are recognizing 12 exceptional employees who embody our core values and go above and beyond in their day to day. More than 730 nominations came in for employees in 18 countries.

Congratulations to our 2015 Founders’ Award recipients. They were all nominated by their peers and celebrated at a Founders’ Award dinner with Chuck Geschke, John Warnock, and Adobe executives. They also received a special plaque, a USD$5,000 travel certificate and their place on the Founders’ Award Wall in San Jose

Meet our 2015 Founder’s Award recipients:

ricardo-alcalaRicardo A.
Senior IT Client Services Technician
New York
5 Years of Service

“Being nominated for a Founders’ Award is an amazing honor. I am humbled to have been recognized by my peers and to be included among the ranks of so many wonderful people who I look up to and admire. The fact that our company embraces and acknowledges values that go beyond the bottom line, such as being genuine, exceptional and involved makes me proud to work for Adobe.”

Excerpts from Ricardo’s nominations include:
• Ricardo Alcala is truly amazing. Hundreds of us rely on Ricardo every day to help us do our jobs better. He is ridiculously knowledgeable and always has a friendly and positive attitude which helps to warm up the office.
• I came to Adobe from the Efficient Frontier acquisition and didn’t have any idea what to expect. Ricardo was one of the first people from Adobe I met and he was professional, reliable, caring and delightful to work with. Naturally his first impression became my first impression of Adobe and I knew I was lucky to join the company.

maryann-amadoMaryann A.
Senior Product Manager
San Francisco
9 Years of Service

“Adobe has the coolest customers in the world. In my role, I get to work with creative and innovative people across the company to help make our customers successful. To be nominated by the people I work with is a tremendous honor. And when I found out I was selected for the award, I was completely speechless. Which – ask anyone who knows me – is a very rare event indeed.”

Excerpts from Maryann’s nominations include:
• Maryann operates with a high degree of transparency and integrity. She is one of Adobe’s best advocates and highlights all of the innovative things the company does as a corporate citizen to be better members of our community. She stays up nights worrying about the small stuff that makes a big difference in customer experiences.
• Maryann seeks ways to add the Adobe Magic to the support experience–challenging all of us to make it more effective and more engaging. She shares information, opportunities, and concerns so that customers, teammates and partners are included and successful.

peter-bairdPeter B.
Senior User Experience Designer, Lead
10 Years of Service

“I am surrounded by so many talented and creative designers, engineers and product managers who inspire me to work harder and come up with new ideas each day. I am humbled and honored to be able to call them peers, and for their nominations to the Founders’ Award.”

Excerpts from Peter’s nominations include:
• Peter is someone who you can count on for anything. Having worked with Peter for about 4 years, he has always been the person on our team that everyone went to for help, support, guidance or just to get something done really well and with efficiency.
• He consistently creates an environment of inclusion with the engineers and product managers to ensure that every voice is heard, because to him, every voice is valuable and can create an even better experience for the user and the business. In addition to being highly active and involved with creating incredible products for the customer, Peter often will engage with the product teams to do community work. He is a true team player and is always looking how to better himself, the team and the product.

Marcel B.
Senior Architect and Evangelist
19 Years of Service

“Having been at Adobe for 19 years, I have lived through many changes. But one thing that has remained a constant is the quality, integrity and energy of the people I have the pleasure of working with. I am honored and extremely proud to be a Founder’s Award Recipient. Adobe is not just where I work, Adobe is a big part of who I am. There is nothing more rewarding to me than helping customers realize what they can do with Adobe solutions.”

Excerpts from Marcel’s nominations include:
• Marcel helps supply the field with fantastic product demonstration and other support material to showcase our product capabilities to customers in innovative new ways. He is a great mentor and evangelist. His presentations are always fun and innovative, and he is a great ambassador for Adobe Solutions.
• Marcel works in an open manner, always eager to gain feedback and improve, and his work is exceptional. He is able to cut through the layers of confusion in product details and provide the real facts to the field in a great way, advising how to position and work around potential issues while highlighting the great work the product team has accomplished.

lance-bushore - CopyLance B.
Senior Computer Scientist, Software Development
20 Years of Service

“Through my years of work on multiple products, I’ve been surrounded by teammates who are fun, smart and passionate about what they do. The culture created by John and Chuck at Adobe has attracted exceptional talent, and I am honored to be considered even a small part of Adobe’s special chemistry.”

Excerpts from Lance’s nominations include:
• Lance’s work is characterized by a deeply genuine empathy for Adobe’s customers. Within the Muse team he’s known for his quick wit and for elevating the level of work done by everyone around him. The extensibility system he built for Muse sparked a brand new multi-million dollar market where our customers began building their businesses and livelihoods around his features.
• While it’s not glamorous work to spend hours trying to understand vague customer bug reports, Lance takes a personal stake in ensuring that each customer he interacts with finds a successful outcome. His level of involvement with our customer community makes him a role model for all team members. Above all, the genuine manner he conducts himself with colleagues and customers is second to none.

jasmine-chan - CopyJasmine Sook Yee C.
Manager, Order Management, Finance
12 Years of Service

“I am deeply thrilled and honored to have been nominated and selected to accept the Founders’ Award. I’m a true believer and always look up to Adobe core values – Genuine, Innovative, Exceptional, and Involved – to anchor every aspect for all my business dealings. They also helped form ingrained principles and a foundation for our team operations to be success at every level, to make smart, deliberate decisions with utmost integrity at all times.”

Excerpts from Jasmine Sook Yee’s nominations include:
• Jasmine invests her every being into her job. Many of the deals that close at the last minute, at the end of the quarter close because she goes above and beyond her job duties, works late into the wee hours of the morning and solves problems that other people have no patience for. You could say when we make our numbers in the region, it is very often a direct result of the phenomenal work that she does.
• Over the years, Jasmine has also had to constantly innovate and learn new products, new processes and programs, and devise new ways to keep up with the ever-increasing demands on her team as the company moved into the Digital Marketing and Enterprise spaces. Despite the constant changes, she has always kept ahead of the curve and ensured that her team members built the requisite knowledge to handle the increasing complexity of deals. Jasmine is a key asset to Adobe and a treasured colleague.

aishwarya-dwivedi - CopyAishwarya D.
Manager, Customer Retention – Global
5 Years of Service
“It is a big moment of joy for me to know that I am a Founders’ Award recipient. I feel fortunate to be part of the Adobe family. I am proud of our core values and these values have guided me throughout my career at Adobe. Adobe provides a wonderful work environment, a great culture with incredible people where we can work with honesty and integrity and make our dreams come true. Thank you John Warnock and Charles Geschke for guiding and inspiring us.”

Excerpts from Aishwarya’s nominations include:
• Aishwarya genuinely cares about every customer and customer retention. She has shared a vision for the team where customer retention is a proactive effort. And when she explains the same to the team she shares it in a passionate way which shows how much she believes in Adobe and enjoys the challenges in retaining customers.
• Aishwarya’s amazing personality influences other team members in a positive way. She is a great inspiration to me as being a female she manages both her professional and personal life in an outstanding way.

fiona-grace - CopyFiona G.
Senior Legal Counsel, EMEA
13 Years of Service

“I am honored to receive this award and recognition by Adobe. To know that some of my fellow employees took the time and effort to nominate me makes this award extra special. I am really lucky to work with such talented people here at Adobe and in particular an exceptional legal team with a great team spirit. It is great to know that my work is valued and appreciated by the people I work with every day.”

Excerpts from Fiona’s nominations include:
• Fiona is one of the most loyal and most genuine employees we have in EMEA (Adobe’s European Region). Not only does Fiona work tirelessly on deals and transactions with an always friendly approach but she also is always calm and balanced. She has the customer in mind and is able to adapt to all the changes Adobe has seen over the years.
• Fiona is the best legal counsel I have ever worked with. She truly understands the soul of Adobe, always with innovative ideas that moves our deal forward. She listen to our customers challenges and then navigates through the legal language like a samurai with her sword in an exceptional way.

patrick-kosterPatrick K.
Customer Success Manager
Remote (Palm Bay, FL)
9 Years of Service

“It is a great honor to receive the Adobe Founders’ Award especially since it originates from the endorsement of many talented colleagues that I respect and admire. My success at this company is closely tied to their selfless cooperation and collaboration, and this is precisely what makes Adobe such an amazing place to work.”

Excerpts from Patrick’s nominations include:
• Patrick strives for the exceptional on a daily basis. He proactively engages his account teams in planning to ensure top deals are prioritized and his time is put to the most effective use. Patrick’s focus on the exceptional carries over from planning directly into his customer engagements. His preparation for demos and Customer Experience Center visits are matched by no one.
• In addition to being smart, tech savvy, well-spoken, well-prepared, disciplined and knowledgeable about his customers, Patrick also excels at articulating the value of technology and Adobe solutions in education.

gordon-lee - CopyGordon (Sze Yeung) L.
Manager, Global Web Production
San Jose
11 Years of Service

“I am humbled and honored to be receiving the Founder’s Award. I am blessed to be able to work with many people that are extremely dedicated and passionate about the work we do, and that inspire me to always put in my best effort.”

Excerpts from Gordon’s nominations include:
• When the day comes that you have the utmost privilege to collaborate with Gordon, take note. He embodies what it means to be an exceptional employee, but more importantly, an exceptional person. Gordon has always been there to pick up others who may be overworked and over-stressed, and he is always extremely courteous and extremely professional.
• Gordon is one of the hardest-working people I have ever had the privilege to work with. His knowledge and problem-solving solutions make him a linchpin not only on his team, but possibly his entire organization. When I contact Gordon with a specific question or problem, I always get a solution.

uma-mangeUma M.
Senior Search Marketing Manager
San Francisco
3 Years of Service

“Every day I work and interact with some of the most exceptional and innovative colleagues in this industry, and to be recognized by them for this prestigious award is truly an honor. I am proud to work at a company where my passion for helping others, within my team or out in the community, is exemplified by its core values. I want to express my sincere thanks to everyone who took the time to nominate me.”

Excerpts from Uma’s nominations include:
• Uma is exceptional in her thoroughness, attention to detail and quality of her work. Not only does she exhibit these qualities in her own work, but it is these attributes, along with her infinite patience, that makes her one of the most effective and sought after trainers on our team.
• She finds time to care for others by organizing volunteering events at Episcopal Community Services homeless shelter. She does whatever it takes to make sure she brings at least 10 volunteers, so the organization can benefit from Adobe’s $1000 volunteer grant. It is certainly not an easy task, yet she does is on monthly basis and pleads with people, twists their arms, or negotiates with them to make sure 10 people show up every time.

jerry-silverman - CopyJerome (Jerry) S.
Principal Solutions Consultant
San Jose
7 Years of Service

“Working at Adobe gives me access to talent, resources and inspiration that are the envy of the world’s creative community. To witness the caliber of past Founders Awards winners and see my name among them is the single greatest honor of my professional life. I am truly grateful and humbled to be recognized alongside such distinguished leaders and visionaries in our field.”

Excerpts from Jerry’s nominations include:
• Jerry’s energy, passion, and commitment to Adobe and the Adobe culture is unwavering. He is a customer advocate and he goes even further to build long-term close relationships with both customers and partners, keeps them engaged, and fosters the relationship to the benefit of both sides.
• Jerry has demonstrated exceptional leadership in Solutions Consulting in the Public Sector. From spearheading the Government channel on Adobe TV, to developing video, demo and script content for Accessibility and Secure/Offline Software Deployment, to working across Business Units to illustrate the Adobe Advantage in multi-product sales opportunities.

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I had the opportunity to meet the Founder Award winners for 2015. They are an incredible group of dedicated individuals that live the Adobe Values. It was an honor to talk with them and hear the impact they are having. Congratulations!!