Top 10 Career Wishes

January 6, 2016


Happy New Year everyone! We’re back with our annual list of top 10 career wishes for you in 2016:

  1.  The opportunity to be a part of a winning team where your work matters
  2. A place that piques your curiosity and allows you to dream up groundbreaking ideas
  3. An environment that appreciates your unique self
  4. Colleagues who share the same values that you believe in
  5. A workplace that empowers you to take risks and pushes you into unfamiliar territories
  6. Teammates who inspire you to bring your A-game everyday
  7. An organization that invests in your learning so that you can achieve your potential
  8. A company that works hard to create change in the global community and supports the causes that you’re passionate about
  9. Benefits that are tailored to your lifestyle and allow for peace of mind
  10. A place where you matter, your ideas, and your time matters

Here’s to 2016 being your best year yet!

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I would love to work for Adobe! A company that constantly innovates new products and technology to bring the best digital experience for its users. It would be an honor to work for the teams that believe in communication and collaboration to drive the team efforts to build, market and sell world class products.