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Adobe UK Ranks No. 10 by Great Place to Work®

April 28, 2016

gptw_UK_BestLargeWorkplaces2016Adobe UK is delighted to have been selected as the No. 10 best workplace for large companies on the 2016 Great Place to Work® UK report.

The GPTW® report is among the most prestigious workplace rankings in Europe and globally and one that ranks us alongside our peers and competitors in the industry. This is the first year we have applied to be ranked with GPTW in the UK (following several years of rankings in the Sunday Times 100) and to be placed in the top 10 the first time around is simply phenomenal.

This is a win for all of Adobe UK—from the senior management through to every last one of our employees. It’s not just management that makes Adobe a great place to work—it’s all of our employees who contribute to our Adobe values every day and help build a culture that is genuine, exceptional, innovative and involved—which we’ve cultivated and grown over the years. This ranking is a testament to that, and the whole Adobe team should be very proud!

The rankings are based on two sets of assessments: an audit of Adobe’s culture and values and an employee survey that measures employees’ sense of the relationships they experience at Adobe and how these contribute to work satisfaction. This is assessed across five main criteria: the credibility of management; respect and fairness that employees experience at work; the pride that they demonstrate in their work and their association with Adobe; and the camaraderie that they experience with other employees.

Adobe’s results speak for themselves: We scored consistently above 80% across all five criteria, with pride and camaraderie scoring highest (85% and 86% respectively). Our total Trust Index score was 84%, placing us on the top 20th percentile of the 2015 UK Large Top 30. An impressive 92% of employees agreed with the statement “taking everything into account, I would say this is a great place to work,” which is great to see.

Adobe UK

But in addition to this, its our employee testaments that really speak for how Adobe did. Here are some of their responses as to why Adobe UK is a great place to work:

“The people make Adobe a great place to work—they are friendly, smart, creative, passionate about what they do, and fun.”

“You become part of a family in every way and your career can be tailored to your expectations and aspirations.”

“Adobe cares about their employees and go out of their way to make you feel appreciated and valued.”

“For a large enterprise company, this organisation has a uniquely flexible approach to working, based on trust and support to get the job done.”

“The people here are so supportive and co-operative. They are always ready to help. It feels like a second family to me here. I can also be myself and perform my best.”

“The level of trust and responsibility given to employees. Every individual is a brand ambassador. Work-life integration is promoted as a necessity. Our leaders are charismatic and huge brand advocates.”

 “Adobe is big organisation but still retains the passion of a start up.” 

Thanks to all of the Adobe UK team making Adobe UK such a great place to work!