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Building the Future of Digital Education

June 28, 2016

Tony with Adobe co-founder John Warnock
Tony with Adobe co-founder John Warnock

A common theme that you will see across all Adobe employees is their undying passion for the work that they do. We come into work ready to innovate and inspire one another to reach new heights. An employee who truly exemplifies this aspect of the Adobe Life is Tony Katsabaris. Tony, managing director of Education and Government, joined Adobe in 2010 and hasn’t looked back! His job leading the Education and Government team in the Asia Pacific region allows him to meet with ministers and senior educators to deliver better citizen and student outcomes through the use of Adobe solutions. Read on to learn what Tony has to say about his career at Adobe.

What led you to a career in sales?

In hindsight, the sales discipline is a logical career path for me. I enjoy spending time building relationships with people and working with businesses to help them capture market opportunities through digital experiences. I love that sales has a very direct linkage between performance and rewards.

You’ve had a long history at Microsoft, what drew you to Adobe?

Microsoft was a great company that invested in my development as a manager and helped me to become a better leader. After 8 ½ years it was time for a change. I wanted to reignite my work passion and Adobe was the perfect fit! Adobe was reimagining itself, it had a wonderfully strong global brand, excellent employee feedback and during my interviews it felt far more entrepreneurial and agile. It was a match made in heaven! 

How is Adobe Marketing Cloud helping to enable the institutions that you work with?

The education industry is undergoing monumental change. It is now a global marketplace and the digital race is on to not only protect existing reputations and standing, but to also build new global markets. Digital Experience solutions are key enablers of this objective and we are working with Vice Chancellors to position the Asia Pacific Education Industry as a global leader in delivering modern student outcomes.

Governments globally are being pressured by their taxpayers and voters to deliver digital engagement that is the equal of modern social and commercial online experiences. Adobe Digital Marketing solutions that create better web experiences are at the center of this global revolution and my team and I are working with governments to provide them with solutions that enable them to deliver citizen experiences that create a WOW!

What changes have you seen in these institutions since adopting the Marketing Cloud?

The change that I am most proud of is watching organizations that historically have taken very conservative approaches to student and citizen engagement and watching them become reinvigorated and energized by a new way of thinking! There is a fulfillment in knowing that every Adobe success in my business delivers better experiences for both citizens and students.

What do you love most about working at Adobe?

Adobe is my favorite employer ever and a wonderful global brand that clients love. Our people, from our CEO down, are passionate about our clients and are genuine in their approach. We are innovative with our technology and as a business. We are encouraged to be entrepreneurs, think big, have fun and celebrate success. Adobe is #AWESOME!

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your job and overall career at Adobe?

My role as a leader at Adobe affords me the opportunity to hire and develop talented people and to help them realize their potential. This continues to be the most fulfilling part of my work.

What’s the best career advice you’ve received?

If you don’t enjoy what you do it is impossible to be successful. You have to love and be passionate about your job…otherwise it’s hard work!

What aspects of your life shape your leadership style?

Outside of work, my conservative Greek upbringing, with close-knit family values have heavily influenced my approach to managing teams. I often refer to my team as my FAMILY!   

Tell us a fun fact about yourself or something others wouldn’t know about you

Whilst holidaying with my family in Mykonos last year, I bumped into John Warnock and his family (one of Adobe’s founders). His daughter noticed my Adobe backpack and came over and introduced herself.  It’s pretty cool to be able to say you have spent time in Mykonos with the founder of your favorite employer!