2017 Top 10 Career Wishes

January 4, 2017

New year, new goals! We’re back with our annual list of top 10 career wishes for you in 2017: 

    1. Respect: Find a work culture that respects you for who you are, appreciates your life experiences, values your ideas and recognizes the impact you’re making.
    2. Challenge: Work that challenges you in new and exciting ways to accelerate your growth.
    3. Learn: Always be learning. Look for an employer that prioritizes learning and provides development opportunities year round, so that you can sharpen your skills, gain new experiences and achieve your potential.
    4. Mentorship: Surround yourself with colleagues who can offer you mentorship and new perspectives.
    5. Innovation: Work for a company that inspires and encourages innovation. A place where you ‘re excited to go to work and get the resources you need to see your vision come to life.
    6. Feedback: Appreciate that feedback is a gift and those who give good feedback care for your development. Be open to new suggestions.
    7. Heart: A place that takes wellness to heart and provides benefits that are tailored to your lifestyle and wellbeing. Don’t forget that taking care of others begins with taking care of yourself.
    8. Comradery: Work with teammates who share the same values, enjoy being together, and those who you can bring your A-game with.
    9. Joy: A career that brings you joy and one that keeps you inspired to make an impact. Work hard, play hard!
    10. Give Back: Opportunities to make an impact in your community, so that you can create change and support causes that you’re passionate about.

Cheers to 2017 and we look forward to the new opportunities it’ll bring!

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This is an absolutely valuable advise and I would like to share this with other career aspirants around the globe.

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