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March 22, 2017

Finding her way to Adobe in 2006, Risako Toma, Manager of Asia Pacific IT Client Services, joined the Tokyo office when it only had a little more than 100 employees. Today, the office ranks no. 15 Great Place to Work in Japan and has more than tripled in size, but still has the atmosphere of a small, tight-knit community—just one of reasons why Risako has been with the company for more than 10 years.

“I never thought I would work at Adobe this long. I thought I would move on after 3-4 years. But Adobe reinvents itself every few years, and every change makes Adobe a different company, while still maintaining all the good attributes that I’ve come to love. So I didn’t have to leave to find something new!” she said.

Another reason why she’s been in the same position for over a decade, “The scope of my job has changed drastically over the years, which makes it exciting and challenging. My role has reinvented itself just as Adobe has.”

Risako, who makes sure our employees stay protected while using IT services, says that working with global teams is all about communication, so she’s had to tackle different languages. “Being in charge of China was a big change for me, since I knew I had to learn a new language. I started to take Mandarin lessons so that I could communicate with my team and my clients. Luckily, Adobe Japan’s educational reimbursement allowed me to pay for my Mandarin lessons.” Not only that, Risako has also leveraged other recourses as well. “Adobe understands and values what I want to learn personally and professionally. I take leadership classes here and attended the Women’s Summit last year. They take development really seriously.”

Risako prepares for a dinner party

When she’s not at work, Risako spends her time pursuing a number of passions. Her dinner parties have attracted numerous employees to her house to taste her deliciously cooked meals and baked goods. She’s an avid motorcyclist, and often talks shop with all the other motorcyclists in the office. Risako loves playing the piano too and even participated with a band at the Adobe Holiday party last year. And she doesn’t stop there. Recently, she started running full marathons.

Risako manages all these hobbies the exact same way she handles her job responsibilities. “Become the owner of your schedule, and you’ll always find time to do things. If you want to take ownership of your life, Adobe is the place for you because they’ll give you the chance to grow to the potential you didn’t even imagine. Although I’ve been here for 10 years and technically in the same role, it doesn’t feel like I’ve been in this position all those years. My responsibilities keep getting reinvented and I feel challenged every day.”

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