Make your move

Looking for a new job? For Adobe employees, that doesn’t mean you have to leave the company.

It’s easy to find Adobe employees who have been with the company 10, 15, 20, or more years. And that’s not just because of the great benefits and perks; it’s because Adobe is that rare organization that helps employees find other positions within the company when they want to grow into a bigger role, move to a new city, or switch jobs altogether.

We spoke with three employees who have experienced Adobe’s internal mobility and discovered that they didn’t have to look far to find that next dream job.

Sinziana G., Seattle

Member of Technical Staff

For three years, Sinziana G. worked in Adobe’s Bucharest office developing mobile apps. She originally joined Adobe because, as she says, Adobe is the best company in Romania.

“People who came to Adobe from different companies always said that Adobe is on a totally different level,” Sinziana says. “The knowledge and the level of expertise you find at Adobe are far superior than at other companies.”

But after three years in the same job, Sinziana was beginning to feel an itch.

“I loved mobile, but I was reaching the point where the position didn’t provide a challenge for me anymore,” Sinziana says. “I was looking for something more interesting, but leaving Adobe was never really an option for me. I had no desire to leave.”


She wanted to continue working in the mobile space, so she began looking for new positions. Fate intervened when her boyfriend was offered a job at another company in Seattle—and she thought perhaps she could find a position in Seattle, too. She talked with her manager, and soon, a position in Adobe’s Seattle office opened up. Six months later, she was touching down in her new city.

“I had been in Seattle once before, and I absolutely loved the city. So I knew I would be really happy here,” Sinziana says. “Plus, I could continue doing what I love in a way that would be more challenging for me. It was a no-brainer.”

Now she spends weekends in full learning mode—hiking, canoeing, and exploring the area. On the job, she’s busy learning and working on an Android version of Adobe Publishing Viewer, and she’s surrounded by the same type of passionate, driven people she worked with in Bucharest. Sinziana says she’s forever grateful that Adobe gave her this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“It’s important to have people you can trust, can learn from, and who inspire you, and Adobe is full of people like that,” Sinziana says. “The fact that they will even help you relocate to other offices—working here feels like the world is your oyster.”

Aditya F., San Jose

Senior Engineering Manager

Aditya F. joined Adobe India in 2004. He moved up through the ranks of engineering, first working on Creative Suite technologies, then the founding enterprise technologies team, and now working on core technologies for Creative Cloud and Creative Cloud Enterprise in the Out-Of-the-Box engineering group.

As he moved through the ranks, it became increasingly important for Aditya to have close ties to San Jose, where Adobe is headquartered and where many strategic decisions are made. In 2013, members of the senior management team approached Aditya with a proposal.

“They wanted me to move to San Jose to be at the epicenter of the key business decisions,” Aditya says. “We were making a critical shift from traditional boxed software to a subscription-based service model, and they wanted me to be here to contribute my ideas and innovations and represent my group.”

It wasn’t an easy decision. Aditya’s entire extended family is in India, and he had to move his 9-year-old daughter to a new life. But she adjusted quickly, and so did he.


“Adobe has a culture built on a strong set of core values that are present wherever you go, across geographies and teams,” Aditya says. “So for me, it was hardly any change. I’m working in the same kind of environment as before.”

What is different, however, is what Aditya has been learning about business since moving to San Jose.

“Although those of us in the engineering groups have always been focused on the user experience, it’s always been from a technical perspective,” he says. “But after coming here, I came to appreciate and embrace how much we need to create a design-led experience and put the customer experience at the forefront.”

This move has benefited everybody. Aditya says he has grown professionally and learned the intricacies of business and go-to-market strategies. Senior management now has a unique window into the technical side of the engineering team’s work. And Aditya’s engineering teams are better able to deliver on critical initiatives.

“I’ve seen so many transfers like this, and they open up a new frontier for you in terms of challenges and opportunities,” he says. “Adobe is very much focused on people and never limits your growth. If you feel you want to grow more, Adobe will always give you the opportunity to break boundaries.”

Li Wha C., San Jose

Senior Manager, Quality Engineering

Adobe looked very different when Li Wha C. joined. And it’s not just because tech companies change quickly; it’s because Li Wha joined Adobe 28 years ago.

“The company had just gone public and it was still small,” Li Wha says. “I knew they had graphic technology, and I wanted to learn something new. My background was on the software language side, so this was different and the people were interesting.”

So she took the job. She spent her first five years working on fonts. The next five years were dedicated to Postscript technology, followed by work in the Core Technology Group and work on AIR (formerly Adobe Integrated Runtime), Flash, Creative Cloud, and digital marketing. Li Wha says she has enjoyed every position, but one of her favorites was charting a new course for the company as it moved its creative software to a subscription model.

“I got the chance to work on the next exciting technology,” Li Wha says. “There were a lot of unknowns, but now when I look back it feels good to have been part of this exciting phase. I got to see how the product was built and it felt like I was in a startup. It was an amazing experience.”


The secret to her ability to move around so freely: networking, speaking up about what she wanted, and repeatedly pushing herself out of her comfort zone. That’s what she suggests others do, too, if they want to make sure the learning at Adobe never stops.

“Look outside your current group and role,” Li Wha says. “Don’t hesitate to seek opportunities that are very different from your current job. In life there’s always risk, but this is a case where it’s worth it.”