Building a community

They might be on the same team, but every Adobe site is different—and that’s something to be celebrated.

When you’re a global corporation with offices from San Jose to Sao Paulo to Singapore, it’s important to have a unifying culture so that everyone feels part of the team. At the same time, it’s also important to respect and celebrate the unique culture of each site. That’s where Site Councils come in.


At offices around the world, Adobe Site Councils support local life for employees and build a sense of community. They’re made up of people from different parts of the business—typically eight members representing each business unit, PR, Global Workplace Solutions, and more. They organize events focused on leadership, fun, family, education, and anything else the site’s employees are passionate about.



“Everything the Site Councils do is for employees,” says Eric K., senior manager of the global workplace experience at Adobe. “The culture of Lehi is a little different from the culture of Seattle, for example, and Site Councils support the local culture so people feel more connected to each other and to their community.”


When employees feel more connected, Eric says, they’re happier. And that’s the most important thing.

“We don’t just want to attract and retain the best employees,” he says. “We want to get them excited about where they work and know that this a company that appreciates who they are.”