Make it last

Adobe’s commitment to sustainability extends far beyond its own walls.

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When most people hear that Newsweek named Adobe as the most sustainable tech company in the world, they assume the designation is all about the buildings. It’s true that the company has dramatically reduced resource consumption and that more than 70 percent of employees work in LEED-certified buildings. It’s true that Adobe has launched 180 sustainability projects in the last 12 years, and that the company has eliminated its material supply chain by more than 90 percent. But that’s only the beginning. One of the most important pieces of the company commitment comes from employees themselves.


LEED is an internationally recognized green building certification system. It’s a rigorous standard, and more than 70 percent of Adobe employees work in LEED-certified spaces.

Adobe is filled with people whose values match the company’s values. They bike to work and borrow the on-site bikes. They carpool and take advantage of the offices’ proximity to public transportation. They join Green Teams and launch office-wide initiatives to engage their coworkers in sustainability projects. They tend the rooftop garden and bring their ideas to a responsive leadership that turns those ideas into reality.

So who’s inspiring whom? Do employees push the company to do more, or does the company inspire employees to live out their values? It’s hard to say, but regardless, the result is a virtuous cycle that immeasurably impacts the communities in which Adobe operates.

“When you walk into our buildings, you can see that every element of design goes into making a sustainable, healthy, creative workspace that inspires employees and, at the same time, is inspired by them,” says Vince Digneo. “When you create spaces like that, you get creative, healthy individuals—and they transfer that inspiration to our customers and the rest of the world. That’s what we strive for.”

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