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MAX Keynote Opening

MAX keynote opening sequence

MAX keynote opening sequence

One of the best parts of working on the MAX program is watching our keynote general sessions come together.  This year, the introduction to the first keynote on Monday, May 6, was particularly beautiful.  As most of you know, four different artists created their own interpretation of the Adobe MAX identity.  (You can read more about it here).

With four amazing concepts to work with, our keynote producer Nicole Williams worked with Pix Productions to build out an amazing opening sequence.  Says Jeremy Nichols of Pix Productions, “40 projectors, 150 rigging points, one spectacular crew, and a stellar client made this a reality”. View it here.

See more behind the scenes images and video on the Pix Productions Facebook page.

Thank you from the MAX event team

Adobe MAX 2013 is winding down and I’m already feeling nostalgic. We’ve been working on this event for 18 months and we never could have imagined the final product. In December, the decision was made to turn Adobe MAX into THE Creativity Conference for our Creative Cloud community and we are thrilled to have been a part of all the excitement.

Our attendees this year took a chance on us and what has essentially become a brand new conference.  You brought an energy and passion and creative spirit that really makes our jobs worth getting up for in the morning.  I’m leaving this event inspired by you and ready to start planning the next MAX event.

MAX leads from left to right - Carmela Robertson and Sandy Balzer.  Getting ready to recharge for the next MAX event!

MAX leads from left to right – Carmela Robertson and Sandy Balzer. Getting ready to recharge for the next MAX event!

We want to say thank you to the best events team we’ve ever worked with.  But mostof all we want to thank MAX attendees for taking part in the very first Adobe MAX Creativity Conference.







#AdobeMAX Day Two Wrap-up

Day two was chock full of inspiration. Our day two keynote was all about highlighting stories from creative pros with inspirational stories —  many about them breaking the creativity mold. Everything from breaking the brief with Paula Scher to embracing limitations from Paul Hansen to the making-of-details from innovative creatives – Erik Johansson and Rob Legato. Watch the keynote below.

Before we closed out the day, we also hosted our Sneak Peek session, where we showcased early looks at some technologies (e.g., features/products) we’re exploring, with special guests Rainn Wilson, actor and co-creator of SoulPancake, and actress/comedian Mary Lynn Rajskub, co-hosting the evening with Ben Forta. Get the full scope of Day Two happenings from Creative Layer.

Sneak Peeks – amazing technology before it’s fully baked

We had some amazing technology sneaks last night at MAX.  Here are three of them.   Remember –  these projects represent explorations, not product announcements.  There is no guarantee that these features will make it into future Adobe products.


The visual editor sneak peek makes separating desired audio from background noise easy with audio layers: #AdobeMAX


Sylvain Paris plays with lighting in images and videos in a sneak peek from our #MAXSneaks event. Watch it here: #AdobeMAX


Watch this sneak peek where #Photoshop lets you adjust the perspective of parts of your photo: #AdobeMAX

Recap: Adobe MAX Day One – A Creative Evolution

Wrapup_MAX_DayOneAdobe MAX 2013 is officially in full gear! We kicked off day one with our keynote session, “A Creative Evolution” and announced a lot of exciting news, including updates to many of our Creative Cloud apps! If you missed the keynote, watch the playback available here until tomorrow morning’s day two keynote at 10 a.m. PT. Grab more details on our Creative Layer blog.

Be sure to follow @AdobeMAX and join in on the conversation on Twitter and Instagram using #AdobeMAX.

Behance artists featured during MAX keynotes

The keynote this morning featured amazing work from these much appreciated Behance artists.
Thank you!

Behind the Scenes at Adobe MAX 2013

We’re counting down the minutes until our Adobe MAX day one keynote kick-off on Monday, May 6 at 9:30 a.m. PT. Join our CEO Shantanu Narayen, SVP and GM of Digital Media David Wadhwani, and a collection of visionaries across digital photography, illustration, video, web design, and more as we unveil brand new creative workflows and capabilities. It’ll be packed with lots of exciting news and announcements!

Get an exclusive behind the scenes look backstage with Creative Cloud evangelist Paul Trani and Product Marketing Manger Meagan Keane… you don’t want to miss this!

Be sure to also tune into our day two keynote, Community Inspires Creativity on Tuesday, May 7 at 10:00 a.m. PT. See you then!

The Secret to Getting Your Hands on More MAX Swag

Consider this your insiders’ guide to getting your hands on more MAX swag and learn about activities you won’t want to miss.


Creative Fingerprint Survey – Participate in our survey as we start to map out where folks fit into the universe of creative pros. Head over to the social area within Community Central.

  • PERKS: Get your hands on a ‘golden ticket’ that you can redeem to customize your own Creative Motto t-shirt. Tweet or Instagram your own tee using #AdobeMAX and you’ll automatically be entered into our sweepstakes for one of 4 custom JAMBOXes.

MAXMe – Join our MAXme game. Scan as many QR codes as you can (point values associated vary). QR codes are scattered around the LACC and on key Adobe staff like our Evangelists. Download the app from the iTunes or GooglePlay stores. Info on how it works here and below.

1) You can only scan each Maxme code 1 time.
2) You can only play each bonus level once.
3) Keep your MAXme updated.

  • HINT: Stop by the Red Bull Collective Art experience, scan the QR code there and create your own entry. It’ll be a worthwhile, high-point-value stop.

Community Central Show and Tell Theater

If you are looking for a low key place to gather and learn about what your peers are doing, this is it.  The community lead sent me this schedule for the Show and Tell Theater that is forming where people can share some cool projects they are working on in a lounge setting on the Adobe MAX Community Pavilion floor.  The Show and Tell Theater is located within Community Central.  The talks are 20 minutes each.


Monday, May 6
12:00 PM Web PA – Demos Divya Manian
12:40 PM Community Social – CUSH Ron Hagy
1:00 PM ConfiGAP Chris Griffith
1:20 PM Cross-platform Gaming with Away3D Rob Bateman
1:40 PM Edge Animate Sarah Hunt
2:40 PM Phonegap Brian Leroux
3:00 PM OPEN
6:00 PM Education Claire Erwin
6:20 PM Improve your golf swing with an iPad and Creative Cloud Rob Rusher
6:40 PM HTML5 Games for kids Kevin Schmidt
7:00 PM OPEN
7:20 PM OPEN
7:40 PM OPEN
Tuesday, May 7
12:00 PM Responsive Inspector extension for the Google Chrome (beta) Piotr Walczyszyn
12:20 PM Test The Web Forward Rebecca Hauck
12:40 PM Rebecca Hauck
1:00 PM Education Claire Erwin
1:20 PM OPEN
1:40 PM Edge Reflow Jacob Surber
2:40 PM Cool Stuff with ActionScript Jun Heider
Wednesday, May 8
10:20 AM Brackets/Edge Code Adam Lehman
10:40 AM Edge Inspect Bruce Bowman
12:00 PM Touch apps and Creative Cloud Workflow Kevin Stolmeyer
12:20 PM OPEN
12:40 PM Education Claire Erwin
1:00 PM TopCoat Brian Leroux
2:40 PM Edge Code, PhoneGap Build, and lots of Absinthe! Joseph Labrecque

MAX lab participants…. activate your Creative Cloud membership.

For everyone attending hands on labs or BYOD labs at MAX – I just got a great tip from the content team! To avoid delays getting started on site, use the same Adobe ID that you used to registered for MAX to activate your Creative Cloud membership, and activate your membership ASAP.

If you don’t have your activation code, check in at the registration desk and they can pull it up for you.

Even if you are not attending labs at MAX, be sure to activate your membership before the code expires at midnight PST, June 30, 2013.