Adobe roadmap for the Flash runtimes

With MAX 2012 planning well under way,  I wanted to share with the MAX audience some newly published information on Flash runtimes and Flex and give an update on MAX 2011 giveaways. Mike Chambers has a good blog post out early this morning that details a lot of this information, but I’ll drop a few direct links in here as well.  We hope to have MAX 2012 registration up in late spring – so stay tuned.

MAX 2011 Giveaways

If you attended MAX 2011 you should have received an email from the MAX team on how to claim your first free MAX 2011 gift that will allow you to create an iPad app using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition. Please contact MAX customer service if you are a registered MAX 2011 attendee and did not receive the email.

And a quick reminder: Each MAX 2011 attendee has a complimentary Adobe Creative Cloud membership coming their way in the first half of 2012. This membership provides you with a comprehensive set of tools including the full offering of Adobe Creative Suite desktop applications, the six Adobe Touch Apps announced at MAX, and additional applications, services, and inspiring community features.

Thanks – and looking forward to seeing you in October!

Sandy Balzer

Adobe MAX Marketing

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