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MAX Keynote Opening

MAX keynote opening sequence

MAX keynote opening sequence

One of the best parts of working on the MAX program is watching our keynote general sessions come together.  This year, the introduction to the first keynote on Monday, May 6, was particularly beautiful.  As most of you know, four different artists created their own interpretation of the Adobe MAX identity.  (You can read more about it here).

With four amazing concepts to work with, our keynote producer Nicole Williams worked with Pix Productions to build out an amazing opening sequence.  Says Jeremy Nichols of Pix Productions, “40 projectors, 150 rigging points, one spectacular crew, and a stellar client made this a reality”. View it here.

See more behind the scenes images and video on the Pix Productions Facebook page.

Thank you from the MAX event team

Adobe MAX 2013 is winding down and I’m already feeling nostalgic. We’ve been working on this event for 18 months and we never could have imagined the final product. In December, the decision was made to turn Adobe MAX into THE Creativity Conference for our Creative Cloud community and we are thrilled to have been a part of all the excitement.

Our attendees this year took a chance on us and what has essentially become a brand new conference.  You brought an energy and passion and creative spirit that really makes our jobs worth getting up for in the morning.  I’m leaving this event inspired by you and ready to start planning the next MAX event.

MAX leads from left to right - Carmela Robertson and Sandy Balzer.  Getting ready to recharge for the next MAX event!

MAX leads from left to right – Carmela Robertson and Sandy Balzer. Getting ready to recharge for the next MAX event!

We want to say thank you to the best events team we’ve ever worked with.  But most of all we want to thank MAX attendees for taking part in the very first Adobe MAX Creativity Conference.







Sneak Peeks – amazing technology before it’s fully baked

We had some amazing technology sneaks last night at MAX.  Here are three of them.   Remember -  these projects represent explorations, not product announcements.  There is no guarantee that these features will make it into future Adobe products.


The visual editor sneak peek makes separating desired audio from background noise easy with audio layers: #AdobeMAX


Sylvain Paris plays with lighting in images and videos in a sneak peek from our #MAXSneaks event. Watch it here: #AdobeMAX


Watch this sneak peek where #Photoshop lets you adjust the perspective of parts of your photo: #AdobeMAX

Behance artists featured during MAX keynotes

The keynote this morning featured amazing work from these much appreciated Behance artists.
Thank you!

Community Central Show and Tell Theater

If you are looking for a low key place to gather and learn about what your peers are doing, this is it.  The community lead sent me this schedule for the Show and Tell Theater that is forming where people can share some cool projects they are working on in a lounge setting on the Adobe MAX Community Pavilion floor.  The Show and Tell Theater is located within Community Central.  The talks are 20 minutes each.


Monday, May 6
12:00 PM Web PA – Demos Divya Manian
12:40 PM Community Social – CUSH Ron Hagy
1:00 PM ConfiGAP Chris Griffith
1:20 PM Cross-platform Gaming with Away3D Rob Bateman
1:40 PM Edge Animate Sarah Hunt
2:40 PM Phonegap Brian Leroux
3:00 PM OPEN
6:00 PM Education Claire Erwin
6:20 PM Improve your golf swing with an iPad and Creative Cloud Rob Rusher
6:40 PM HTML5 Games for kids Kevin Schmidt
7:00 PM OPEN
7:20 PM OPEN
7:40 PM OPEN
Tuesday, May 7
12:00 PM Responsive Inspector extension for the Google Chrome (beta) Piotr Walczyszyn
12:20 PM Test The Web Forward Rebecca Hauck
12:40 PM Rebecca Hauck
1:00 PM Education Claire Erwin
1:20 PM OPEN
1:40 PM Edge Reflow Jacob Surber
2:40 PM Cool Stuff with ActionScript Jun Heider
Wednesday, May 8
10:20 AM Brackets/Edge Code Adam Lehman
10:40 AM Edge Inspect Bruce Bowman
12:00 PM Touch apps and Creative Cloud Workflow Kevin Stolmeyer
12:20 PM OPEN
12:40 PM Education Claire Erwin
1:00 PM TopCoat Brian Leroux
2:40 PM Edge Code, PhoneGap Build, and lots of Absinthe! Joseph Labrecque

MAX lab participants…. activate your Creative Cloud membership.

For everyone attending hands on labs or BYOD labs at MAX – I just got a great tip from the content team! To avoid delays getting started on site, use the same Adobe ID that you used to registered for MAX to activate your Creative Cloud membership, and activate your membership ASAP.

If you don’t have your activation code, check in at the registration desk and they can pull it up for you.

Even if you are not attending labs at MAX, be sure to activate your membership before the code expires at midnight PST, June 30, 2013.




Inspirational has a new booth space – #306 in Community Pavilion

Don’t miss Inspirational in the Adobe MAX Community Pavilion. From fully customized multi-touch solutions, to holograms, and projection domes, this team of digital architects builds interactive experiences that change how people communicate. Their latest technology, interactive multi-touch display, allows you to project images onto the air screen where they can be seen, touched, and smelled with unparalleled realism.

Inspirational MapBe sure to visit Inspirational in their new booth location where they will be demonstrating a new invention – Displair.  Displair projects a computer image on a thin flow of air infused with microscopic water particles.  Using highly tuned software and gesture technology, a user can navigate the screen simply by touching the air.  The air droplets are so small, that fingers stay dry.  Displair is now available in the US for high-end consumers, interactive and digital agencies, event organizers, healthcare professionals, hotels, clubs, restaurants, cinemas, theaters and out-of-home digital advertisers.


Adobe MAX – Conversation, News, and Help on Twitter

MAX_TwitterGet up-to-date news, conference details, and help, plus join in on the conversation at Adobe MAX this year… all on Twitter!

Follow @AdobeMAX for conference details, up-to-date news, and highlights throughout the entire conference.

During MAX, our team will be answering your questions and joining in on the conversation with you. For any conference questions, assistance or issues use #MAXHelp and to join in on the conversation use #AdobeMAX on Twitter, Instagram and Vine!

Head to Twitter now and tell us what you’re looking forward to most at Adobe MAX this year!

DPS Agency Spotlight at MAX

Just announced! We have a new Digital Publishing Suite session at Adobe MAX 2013 that highlights the creative work being performed by agencies.  This is your chance to learn about DPS from the experts – people who have pushed the boundaries of DPS and built a wide variety of apps for their clients. Join us on Monday, May 6th at 2pm for the DPS Agency Spotlight to learn how creative agencies are using DPS for customer engagement, sales, storytelling, and more.


Each representative will give a quick presentation on how they use Digital Publishing Suite to expand their clients’ mobile portfolios and more effectively reach stakeholders. They will display work performed for Tomb Raider, Notre Dame, UCLA, Heifer International, Stratford Festival, the Marines, and more.



Digital Publishing Suite Agency Spotlight

Monday, May 6, 2013


Join creative agencies as they share examples of their most innovative mobile apps built with Digital Publishing Suite technology. From ‘tomb raiding’ to fundraising, see how creative leaders build a wide variety of apps to reach and connect with diverse audiences.



Joe Zeff, President, Joe Zeff Design
Alex Berger, Group Director, Technology at The Designory
Debbie Bates-Schrott, President, Bates Creative
Ellie DeSilva, Studio Director, TBWA\Chiat\Day
Nicholas Brendan, Digital Designer, TBWA\Chiat\Day
Jason Porath, Vice President of Digital Publishing, Storycode
Katherine Topaz, Creative Director, Storycode
Jake Hamann, President & CEO, OneFire, Inc.


Download MAXme Game, win prizes #AdobeMAX

MAXme Logo 1

Are you looking for the limited-edition Black Keys MAX Bash poster? How about a ticket for MAX 2014? Play MAXme: Scan QR codes, collect points and win cool prizes.

Download the MAXme app in the iOS App Store and Google Play.

Then log in with your Adobe ID (the same ID you used to register for MAX), and start scanning the dozens of QR codes scattered around the MAX venues to unlock the mini games. Keep an eye out for the Creative Cloud Evangelists since they have specials QR codes you can scan! Our @AdobeMAX account will also send clues with the location of special QR codes. Here are our rules below:

1) You can only scan each Maxme code 1 time.
2) You can only play each bonus level once.
3) Keep your MAXme updated.