Digital Publishing Suite Training at MAX

This year, we are offering a full day training that allows InDesign users a chance to dive deep into the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite workflow. Not only will you learn step-by-step instructions on building an interactive digital publication without using code, but you will also learn about the process of uploading content to the app marketplace.

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Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Training
Sunday, May 5 9:00 am – 5:00 pm – US$595

Learn how to use Adobe® Digital Publishing Suite to design mobile documents and build single-folio viewer and multi-folio viewer apps to deliver innovative reading experiences, dynamic content, and high-impact advertising on leading tablet devices. Get consumers more deeply engaged with your content and your brand. You’ll also learn how to create multi-folio apps with entitlements and subscriptions, Apple iTunes and Newsstand subscriptions, and custom viewer app navigation for iPad and Android™ tablets.

Digital Publishing Suite is a complete solution that lets individual designers, magazine and newspaper publishers, retailers, ad agencies, and major media and brand organizations create, distribute, monetize, and optimize cutting-edge interactive content and publications for tablets. Efficiently bring your tablet content to market. Smooth integration with Adobe Creative Suite® and tight control over the complete app creation and publishing process empower you to deliver engaging tablet documents that meet even the most intensive deadlines.


At the conclusion of this course you’ll be able to:

  • Design and lay out mobile documents
  • Specify mobile device digital page orientations
  • Specify the safe area of design for mobile device documents
  • Describe how interactive overlays float above the digital page
  • Create hyperlinks to articles within the folio, as well as online resources and email addresses
  • Create multistate objects and specify mobile device controls and functions for viewer interaction
  • Create folios and articles and incorporate articles into folios
  • Manage articles in both the Folio Builder Panel within Adobe InDesign® and via the Digital Publishing Suite Dashboard
  • Preview folios and articles via the Adobe Content Viewer
  • Know what credentials, files, icons, splash screens, and subscription and entitlement resources are needed to publish a viewer app

3 Responses to Digital Publishing Suite Training at MAX

  1. Gary Thompson says:

    Will you be offering online training for people who can’t attend the event?

    • sblazer says:

      Hello Gary – we will be recording all of our non-hands on sessions, so there will be a lot of great content for you to experience onDemand after the event. The big exception is that hands on training like the session described here don’t lend themselves to being recorded because there are multiple trainers working hands on with attendees throughout the day. Hope that helps explain.

  2. Do you need any more trainers to help out ? I can join from 9 AM to 14 PM. After that I have to go to an Adobe Community session. As a professional trainer, I give these and many other courses on an almost daily basis, and I’m very curious to see how you succeed in getting all these objectives crammed into one single day ! Maybe this experience (while guiding attendees) gives me more insight in that, and helps me improving deploying that format here in the Netherlands. Please contact me 🙂