Unearthing hidden gems at MAX: iD Gum ArtCade: 1 Codebase, 18 Games, 3 Platforms, Thousands of Devices

Here’s another cool session that may not be on your radar yet – don’t miss it:


Hear how rehabstudio, a leading digital agency created ArtCade, a unique gaming platform that lets teens scan art on packs of iD Gum to unlock, play, and share games.

We’ll be joined by a diverse cast of characters to share with you the production story and tricks behind:

• Creating a game platform and 18 games in less than 3 months

• Using Adobe Flash technology and Adobe AIR to create native apps for iOS, Android, and Facebook

• Using a single codebase for web, iOS, and Android across tablet and mobile

• Creating a Facebook scoring and achievement engine

• Using Starling for hardware acceleration, sprite sheets, and retina support for iOS and Android

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