Inspirational has a new booth space – #306 in Community Pavilion

Don’t miss Inspirational in the Adobe MAX Community Pavilion. From fully customized multi-touch solutions, to holograms, and projection domes, this team of digital architects builds interactive experiences that change how people communicate. Their latest technology, interactive multi-touch display, allows you to project images onto the air screen where they can be seen, touched, and smelled with unparalleled realism. 

Inspirational MapBe sure to visit Inspirational in their new booth location where they will be demonstrating a new invention – Displair.  Displair projects a computer image on a thin flow of air infused with microscopic water particles.  Using highly tuned software and gesture technology, a user can navigate the screen simply by touching the air.  The air droplets are so small, that fingers stay dry.  Displair is now available in the US for high-end consumers, interactive and digital agencies, event organizers, healthcare professionals, hotels, clubs, restaurants, cinemas, theaters and out-of-home digital advertisers.

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