A Digital World without Boundaries – Powering Your Creativity: Eric Mantion, Intel

Adobe Max is the Creativity Conference.  Attendees are some of the most innovative on the planet — creating all kinds of amazing things from smashing CGI (Computer Generated Images) to dazzling games and apps for both web and smart phones.

This year, Intel will be highlighting 3 technologies that help you create:

Workstations are still the beasts of the creative world, and have been since the making of the first Jurassic Park movie released almost exactly 20 years ago.

As creators, you need to be able to work when inspiration hits.  We will be showing the latest lightweight and sleek Ultrabooks™; including a High Dynamic Range (HDH) editing demo on the new Intel® Core™i7 processor running Photoshop. At select times, world renowned  photographer Rafael “RC” Concepcion will instruct on how to effectively edit High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging in the booth; and during his “Powering Your Creativity” session at 2:00 p.m. Monday in Room 513.

And the Pièce de Résistance is our collection of free software tools that can help people to create apps using the Open Standard technology called HTML5. The 1st tool is called the Intel® HTML5 App Porter Tool that can take the source code of an iOS (iPhone/iPad) App and start to transcode it into HTML5. The 2nd tool is called the Intel® HTML5 Development Environment and it is a complete HTML5 IDE that can help developers to write, test, and deploy their apps to platforms like Android, iOS, and now (just announced), Windows Store and Windows Phone 8. Both of these tools are completely free, will be demoed in our booth, and are available at http://software.intel.com/HTML5/tools.

So that’s it, a short recap of what we’ll be showing this year at Adobe Max 2013. We hope you’ll come visit us in our booth to learn more – thanks for reading!

Please post any questions in the comments below or hit me on Twitter and I’ll try to find the answers you seek…

– Eric Mantion, Intel

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