The Crowd-Sourced Sentence with Kiel Johnson

In the spirit of letting you know about amazing sessions before they sell out, here’s a another “don’t miss” session with artist Kiel Johnson:

Back away from the keyboard, grab an X-Acto knife, and help us take DIY analog paper and 3D typography to unexplored places. Roll up your sleeves and publicly express your love of fonts and typography by contributing to a collaborative sculpture. Join Los Angeles-based artist Kiel Johnson in his Lab, where you’ll design a letter in the alphabet, and then build it with paper, cardboard, and hot glue. Next, in the MAX pavilion, collaborate with MAX attendees to construct a sentence — the sentence will reveal itself as the letters form words. Whether you invent a new typeface and change the world or just get burned with a little hot glue, we’ll have all made an artwork together.

Check it out:

To schedule the session, visit the MAX Session Scheduler

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