Finding inspiration in the face of tragedy

By: Kaitlin Maud, Manager of Digital Strategy at SapientNitro

Photo credit: David Salafia (

Photo credit: David Salafia

When I was originally asked to write a blog post about Adobe MAX, I planned to tell you about the events SapientNitro is hosting at the conference, the talk you can look forward to from Matt Lindley, and how excited we are to partner with Adobe for a conference that celebrates inspiration and creativity.

Unfortunately, as you are most certainly aware, Boston was rocked a week ago today when 2 bombs blew up at the Boston Marathon finish line – just blocks from the Sapient office. The days following have been a blur. I feel like I am perpetually half asleep. While comforted by familiar faces as I made my way back to work, there was still a lingering, uneasy energy in Boston.

But, in the midst of this tragedy, I can also feel a strong air of resilience. Those around me have been moved to act, inspired to help, any way possible. And as Bostonians, empathetic humans, and as writers, videographers, designers, and photographers their gifts are many. At Sapient we have an office full of thinkers and makers and the outpouring of creative gifts from our team has been astounding. Melanie Nayer, Senior Copywriter, shared her thoughts on the Huffington Post. Chad Portas, Design Director, created United We Stride. David Salafia, Senior Art Director, documented the aftermath in photos. Micah Whitson, Senior Art Director, designed this print to benefit victims.

Through creative expression, each of us has the opportunity to be first responders. To use our craft to help others heal. I encourage you to use this tragedy, too – get inspired and help create a new reality.

On behalf of Sapient, I will see you at Adobe MAX.

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”
- Mister Rogers

A Digital World without Boundaries – Powering Your Creativity: Eric Mantion, Intel

Adobe Max is the Creativity Conference.  Attendees are some of the most innovative on the planet — creating all kinds of amazing things from smashing CGI (Computer Generated Images) to dazzling games and apps for both web and smart phones.

This year, Intel will be highlighting 3 technologies that help you create:

Workstations are still the beasts of the creative world, and have been since the making of the first Jurassic Park movie released almost exactly 20 years ago.

As creators, you need to be able to work when inspiration hits.  We will be showing the latest lightweight and sleek Ultrabooks™; including a High Dynamic Range (HDH) editing demo on the new Intel® Core™i7 processor running Photoshop. At select times, world renowned  photographer Rafael “RC” Concepcion will instruct on how to effectively edit High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging in the booth; and during his “Powering Your Creativity” session at 2:00 p.m. Monday in Room 513.

And the Pièce de Résistance is our collection of free software tools that can help people to create apps using the Open Standard technology called HTML5. The 1st tool is called the Intel® HTML5 App Porter Tool that can take the source code of an iOS (iPhone/iPad) App and start to transcode it into HTML5. The 2nd tool is called the Intel® HTML5 Development Environment and it is a complete HTML5 IDE that can help developers to write, test, and deploy their apps to platforms like Android, iOS, and now (just announced), Windows Store and Windows Phone 8. Both of these tools are completely free, will be demoed in our booth, and are available at

So that’s it, a short recap of what we’ll be showing this year at Adobe Max 2013. We hope you’ll come visit us in our booth to learn more – thanks for reading!

Please post any questions in the comments below or hit me on Twitter and I’ll try to find the answers you seek…

- Eric Mantion, Intel

Red Bull Collective Art project at MAX

Logo RB Collective Art_finalRed Bull Collective Art takes the principle of “Cadavre exquís” and brings it into the digital age. For a period of three weeks, the Red Bull Collective Art project allowed contributors from across the world to take turns and participate in creative process, the end product being an unparalleled piece of art on an international scale. Through this project, Red Bull in partnership with Adobe offered global talent the chance to take part in the creation of what ended up as the biggest (longest) and most diverse artwork in the world.

Over 1.500 contributed pictures resulting in a 1,3 km long connected picture, translates not only into the longest digital art creation in the world, but also highlights the massive opportunities created by collaboration of consumers and artists around the world. The exhibition phase kicks off on May 6th with a digital exhibition at the Adobe MAX Creativity Conference in Los Angeles, US. MAX participants will have the exclusive opportunity to participate in a creative challenge that will create the final Collective Art connection pieces. After MAX many more galleries in more than 30 countries around the world will follow. The online gallery, exhibition cities and dates, and the profiles of the participating guest artists are available on

Don’t miss out on all the great exhibits, sessions, and networking at Adobe MAX – register now.

Unearthing hidden gems at MAX: iD Gum ArtCade: 1 Codebase, 18 Games, 3 Platforms, Thousands of Devices

Here’s another cool session that may not be on your radar yet – don’t miss it:

Hear how rehabstudio, a leading digital agency created ArtCade, a unique gaming platform that lets teens scan art on packs of iD Gum to unlock, play, and share games.

We’ll be joined by a diverse cast of characters to share with you the production story and tricks behind:

• Creating a game platform and 18 games in less than 3 months

• Using Adobe Flash technology and Adobe AIR to create native apps for iOS, Android, and Facebook

• Using a single codebase for web, iOS, and Android across tablet and mobile

• Creating a Facebook scoring and achievement engine

• Using Starling for hardware acceleration, sprite sheets, and retina support for iOS and Android

Learn more and sign up for this session now >

The Crowd-Sourced Sentence with Kiel Johnson

In the spirit of letting you know about amazing sessions before they sell out, here’s a another “don’t miss” session with artist Kiel Johnson:

Back away from the keyboard, grab an X-Acto knife, and help us take DIY analog paper and 3D typography to unexplored places. Roll up your sleeves and publicly express your love of fonts and typography by contributing to a collaborative sculpture. Join Los Angeles-based artist Kiel Johnson in his Lab, where you’ll design a letter in the alphabet, and then build it with paper, cardboard, and hot glue. Next, in the MAX pavilion, collaborate with MAX attendees to construct a sentence — the sentence will reveal itself as the letters form words. Whether you invent a new typeface and change the world or just get burned with a little hot glue, we’ll have all made an artwork together.

Check it out:

To schedule the session, visit the MAX Session Scheduler

Participate in twitter chat with artist Aaron Draplin

Founder of Draplin Design Co., Aaron Draplin, will be speaking at Adobe MAX 2013 next month and he’s going to be participating in a twitter chat with us (and you!) on Monday. Check it out!

Watch our video interview and join our Twitter Chat on 4/15 at 10AM PT .

How has Adobe MAX transformed?

An announcement to press went out this morning about the Adobe MAX transformation and it has a lot of great information about new offerings through the MAX conference.  Check it out here.

MAX sessions filling up fast

Adobe MAX 2013 is shaping up to be unlike any MAX ever before and we’re thrilled.  One thing that hasn’t changed, is the trend for sessions, labs and preconference sessions and labs to fill up a month before the conference. Be sure to schedule all your sessions before you get on site.  One popular preconference session is all about the New Adobe Exchange for Developers.   Check it out and register before it fills up.


Adobe Exchange@MAX: Discover the Future for Creative Product Extensibility and the Opportunities of New Adobe Exchange

Sunday, May 5, 1pm-5pm – Bundle price: $1295
The Adobe Exchange Bundle can only be purchased as a bundle pass which includes the half day preconference session, plus a full MAX conference pass. For pass details and to register, click here.

Developer track

Discover the Future for Creative Product Extensibility and the Opportunities of the New Adobe Exchange for Developers.

In this preconference session, we’ll focus on the Creative Suite extensibility roadmap. You’ll learn about the developer tools available and how they will evolve, the different extensible layers in the applications, and opportunities open to you as a developer with the Adobe Exchange, Adobe’s new marketplace. Get ahead of the game and find out where Adobe is heading with the technologies powering its creative products in terms of extensibility. Whether you’re an existing C++ plug-in, ActionScript, ExtendScript, or Web developer, you’ll benefit from a sneak peek into the future Creative Suite technologies that will align with Adobe Exchange. This session is a must for anyone interested in developing against Adobe’s award-winning Creative Suite products. Don’t delay — register now.

Producer track

Discover the Future and Opportunities of the New Adobe Exchange and Creative Product Extensibility

Get ahead of the game and find out where Adobe is heading with the technologies powering its creative products in terms of extensibility. This session will focus on Adobe’s new marketplace, Adobe Exchange. Get tips and tricks on how to create, list, sell, and privately share your products, and hear how Adobe Exchange is continuing to evolve to meet the needs of Creative Suite and Creative Cloud users and producers. This preconference session is ideally suited to designers, developers, and other creative producers — anyone who wants to create products and content. More details will follow soon! Space is limited, so we recommend you register now.


New Adobe Digital Publishing Session

Digital Publishing Suite is not just for magazines. Corporations are embracing the technology to create digital catalogs, event apps, and sales tools to reach both internal stakeholders and customers. The possibilities are endless! Check out the new Adobe Digital Publishing session at MAX designed for corporations interested in efficiently expanding into the mobile space using InDesign resources! Sign up now to reserve your seat in the sessions below:


Engaging Your Customers and Employees with Mobile Apps

Day/Time: Tuesday, 8:30 AM – 511A

Session ID: S7824

Presenters: Brooke Entsminger (Lung LLC), Christian Russo (Sotheby’s International Realty), Jose Andrade (Publicis Life Brands Medicus)


  • Learn to drive customer and employee engagement through digital publications on tablets and smartphones from top corporations/agencies.
  • View examples of compelling brand loyalty, merchandising, customer communications, sales enablement, and retail catalog applications.
  • Explore insights from deep analytics to deliver content that encourages customers and employees to engage with your brand and content.

24-Hour Creative Session with Sagmeister & Walsh

Twenty-four hours, two designers, and one studio… all in the spirit of Adobe MAX 2013!


Jessica Walsh and Stefan Sagmeister of Sagmeister & Walsh will be reinterpreting our Adobe MAX logo in a 24-hour creative session that will be live streamed on a Times Square billboard in New York City and our Adobe Creative Cloud Create Now Facebook app. Be sure to tune in, the live stream starts Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 9:45 a.m. ET (6:45 a.m. PT).

For more information on Jessica, read our full Q&A with her on the Adobe Creative Layer blog.