Red Bull Collective Art Exhibit at MAX

Red bull

As we posted earlier this month, Red Bull will be presenting the artwork from the Red Bull Collective Art project at Adobe MAX. The collective artwork in its entirety will be continuously streamed on the large screens at the Red Bull Collective Art Exhibit. In addition, Red Bull and Adobe have selected a few sequences that will be printed and presented in the exhibit gallery.

It is truly amazing to see the project cross country borders and unite artists to create something great. Adobe and Red Bull want to say thank you and congratulations to the artists whose work has been chosen for display:

Ned France Madeleine Allcock UK
Willian Cotô Brazil Raquel Segal Brazil
Non-Format Norway Kristof Versluys Belgium
Jonas Lerach Germany Ivan Encinas Santos Spain
André Portugal Christian Castro Portaro Mexico
Antonio Garcia Ferrando Spain Murtaza Saeed Pakistan
Samiha Fozi Pakistan Maria Arestova
Felix Pirvan Romania Dimitrios  NIKOLAOU Greece
Ustuff Headquarters Spain J’Me Penc USA
Joanna Mida Poland Citelova Sweden
Terui Masakuni Japan YoonGi Kim South Korea
Hugo Andrade Portugal Hisashi Tenmyouya Japan
Tube Japan TYMOTE Japan
SuperBlast Germany Vasava Spain
Lysenko Ukraine Žiga Blazinšek Slovenia
J. Krimmel Germany Victor Okopni Brazil
Alexander Lory Germany Hernando Torres Colombia
Luis Favas Portugal Amanda Conduto Portugal
Maria K Estonia Dsg Jeremy France
Magda Łupińska Poland Miguel Portugal
Dindinger France  

11 Responses to Red Bull Collective Art Exhibit at MAX

  1. J'Me Penc says:

    Congrats to all other artists selected!
    Thank you for selecting my work among all the other amazing artists.
    Truly humbled at this honor. Thank you.

  2. Luis Favas says:

    great, this is the case to say “expect the unexpected”

  3. ghulam Hussain says:

    Samiha foiz really i proud of you….. you are really very hard worker. Again and again i proud of you 🙂

  4. Samiha Fozi says:

    I want to go to LA , USA now!!! so happpppyyyyy 😀

  5. murtaza saeed says:

    it actually feels good to see my name up there in the list.
    b.t.w congrats to all!!

  6. Maria says:

    I see here my name and my daughter’s name. But I don’t understand is it really our names or a lot of people have same? How can we know for sure?

    • sblazer says:

      Thank you for your comment, Maria! Your email address matches one of the addresses for the contributors whose work is to be exhibited at Adobe MAX. This is a link to your work online , and it’s presented as a part of the sequence of images 1306, 1359, 1395, and 1429. Congratulations and thank you once again!

      • Maria says:

        Thank you for your reply and for selecting my work. It would be very interesting to see the links to the other selected works!

  7. J. Krimmel says:

    :))) Thank you! Is there any way to get more information where all the other exhibitions take place? The website shows only dates but no detailed info. I’m sure all participants would love to have a chance to see the exhibition.

  8. Samiha Fozi says:

    Kindly tell us that can the selected participants get to see a documentation of their work at Adobe max and around the world ?

  9. Gracias por haber escogido mi trabajo , es una gran satisfacción estar en esta lista.
    gracias por abrir espacios como estos 😉