Finding inspiration in the face of tragedy

By: Kaitlin Maud, Manager of Digital Strategy at SapientNitro

Photo credit: David Salafia (

Photo credit: David Salafia

When I was originally asked to write a blog post about Adobe MAX, I planned to tell you about the events SapientNitro is hosting at the conference, the talk you can look forward to from Matt Lindley, and how excited we are to partner with Adobe for a conference that celebrates inspiration and creativity.

Unfortunately, as you are most certainly aware, Boston was rocked a week ago today when 2 bombs blew up at the Boston Marathon finish line – just blocks from the Sapient office. The days following have been a blur. I feel like I am perpetually half asleep. While comforted by familiar faces as I made my way back to work, there was still a lingering, uneasy energy in Boston.

But, in the midst of this tragedy, I can also feel a strong air of resilience. Those around me have been moved to act, inspired to help, any way possible. And as Bostonians, empathetic humans, and as writers, videographers, designers, and photographers their gifts are many. At Sapient we have an office full of thinkers and makers and the outpouring of creative gifts from our team has been astounding. Melanie Nayer, Senior Copywriter, shared her thoughts on the Huffington Post. Chad Portas, Design Director, created United We Stride. David Salafia, Senior Art Director, documented the aftermath in photos. Micah Whitson, Senior Art Director, designed this print to benefit victims.

Through creative expression, each of us has the opportunity to be first responders. To use our craft to help others heal. I encourage you to use this tragedy, too – get inspired and help create a new reality.

On behalf of Sapient, I will see you at Adobe MAX.

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” – Mister Rogers

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