Community Central Show and Tell Theater

If you are looking for a low key place to gather and learn about what your peers are doing, this is it.  The community lead sent me this schedule for the Show and Tell Theater that is forming where people can share some cool projects they are working on in a lounge setting on the Adobe MAX Community Pavilion floor.  The Show and Tell Theater is located within Community Central.  The talks are 20 minutes each.


Monday, May 6
12:00 PM Web PA – Demos Divya Manian
12:40 PM Community Social – CUSH Ron Hagy
1:00 PM ConfiGAP Chris Griffith
1:20 PM Cross-platform Gaming with Away3D Rob Bateman
1:40 PM Edge Animate Sarah Hunt
2:40 PM Phonegap Brian Leroux
3:00 PM OPEN
6:00 PM Education Claire Erwin
6:20 PM Improve your golf swing with an iPad and Creative Cloud Rob Rusher
6:40 PM HTML5 Games for kids Kevin Schmidt
7:00 PM OPEN
7:20 PM OPEN
7:40 PM OPEN
Tuesday, May 7
12:00 PM Responsive Inspector extension for the Google Chrome (beta) Piotr Walczyszyn
12:20 PM Test The Web Forward Rebecca Hauck
12:40 PM Rebecca Hauck
1:00 PM Education Claire Erwin
1:20 PM OPEN
1:40 PM Edge Reflow Jacob Surber
2:40 PM Cool Stuff with ActionScript Jun Heider
Wednesday, May 8
10:20 AM Brackets/Edge Code Adam Lehman
10:40 AM Edge Inspect Bruce Bowman
12:00 PM Touch apps and Creative Cloud Workflow Kevin Stolmeyer
12:20 PM OPEN
12:40 PM Education Claire Erwin
1:00 PM TopCoat Brian Leroux
2:40 PM Edge Code, PhoneGap Build, and lots of Absinthe! Joseph Labrecque

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  2. I loved this interview so much. I once read in another interview you did, you said, Every color matches. That has always stuck with me and have since sort of adopted it.