The Secret to Getting Your Hands on More MAX Swag

Consider this your insiders’ guide to getting your hands on more MAX swag and learn about activities you won’t want to miss.


Creative Fingerprint Survey – Participate in our survey as we start to map out where folks fit into the universe of creative pros. Head over to the social area within Community Central.

  • PERKS: Get your hands on a ‘golden ticket’ that you can redeem to customize your own Creative Motto t-shirt. Tweet or Instagram your own tee using #AdobeMAX and you’ll automatically be entered into our sweepstakes for one of 4 custom JAMBOXes.

MAXMe – Join our MAXme game. Scan as many QR codes as you can (point values associated vary). QR codes are scattered around the LACC and on key Adobe staff like our Evangelists. Download the app from the iTunes or GooglePlay stores. Info on how it works here and below.

1) You can only scan each Maxme code 1 time.
2) You can only play each bonus level once.
3) Keep your MAXme updated.

  • HINT: Stop by the Red Bull Collective Art experience, scan the QR code there and create your own entry. It’ll be a worthwhile, high-point-value stop.

13 Responses to The Secret to Getting Your Hands on More MAX Swag

  1. John Cote says:

    I love the therefore i am one!

  2. Ateker says:

    Oh, I so want the “I render therefore I am” shirt.

    • Lori DeFurio says:

      You can exchange your shirt with others – or even create your own. For the latter, head over to the Community Center on the show floor. You can earn yourself a custom printed T-shirt with your own creative motto by participating in a quick survey to see where you fit in the creative universe.

  3. Joey Rico says:

    been using adobe photoshop since the start of photoshop

  4. Justin Morin says:

    It’s a shame I paid $2,000 including the Russel Brown Pre-Conference and there are no larger size shirts than 2XL. SMH @AdobeMAX

  5. chatpol Jarimobhas says:

    I’m excited about new ideas.

  6. mat hale says:

    Game app is great!!

  7. John Kowalchuk says:

    Any chance of online purchase for the shirts?

  8. Tama says:

    I so want one of these tees (especially the kern one) but can’t come to the conference… how can i get one?

  9. erika says:

    Too bad the maxme app doesn’t work on my android phone

    • Lori says:

      It works fine on mine. Go see one of the peeps over at the Adobe community. If you’re like me, you probably are doing something not quite right. 🙂

  10. Brisa says:

    Lots of good stuff happening @AdobeMAX

  11. I too think it’s a bummer that the game app doesn’t work well on the Android. I downloaded it but you can’t scroll over to go into levels unlocked past level three. When clicking on the “i” icon you can’t even see that whole screen. I really wanted the “Kerning” shirt but can’t exchange them and can’t find one to trade. But, the game was a good idea.