Adobe Proto Now Available on Android Market

Today Adobe Proto (version 1.0) — a new Adobe touch tool application that runs on Android tablets —¬†is available¬†for purchase at Android market. (iOS versions availability will be announced early next year.) With Adobe Proto, you can create interactive website wireframes (or any other kind of prototype) using touch gestures on your Android device. Creating the wireframe is as simple as dragging your finger to create layouts, components (such as menus and widgets), and other kinds of placeholders for images, videos, and the navigation menu. Adobe has taken the “napkin sketch” workflow, made it dynamic, and brought it to mobile devices.

Adobe Proto offers the obvious advantage of enabling you to create, share, and edit your web and other creative projects on the go. Web professionals will be pleased to know that Proto layouts take advantage of well-known CSS grid systems, and WebKit and jQuery support, thus incorporating web standards and best practices right into your preliminary design. Interactivity is fully functional, so your accordions and menus actually work in Proto, rather than remaining static on the napkin.

To see Adobe Proto in action, visit Adobe TV.

To download Adobe Proto 1.0, visit the Android Market under the category Productivity. There you can purchase Proto for $9.99 USD.

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