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June 30, 2008

What’s the Adobe Product Improvement Program?

I often get asked how feature requests come into Adobe for inclusion in a product like Adobe Reader. Well, there are many channels, including user groups, focus groups, pre-release programs, customer and partner interviews, market analysis, etc. But now, with Adobe Reader 9, end-users have another valuable way to provide us feedback. It’s called the Adobe Product Improvement Program (APIP).
The program is similar to those run by others in the software industry. Initially, it will be available to people using the Windows version of Adobe Reader 9. It’s completely anonymous and strictly “opt-in”, which means you must make the choice to participate. It will be offered to a small percentage of Adobe Reader 9 Windows users automatically, but you can always enable it manually through the product if you’d like to participate. If you choose to participate, information about how you use Adobe Reader 9, such as how you use certain features and functions of the software, are sent to Adobe. But, again, no personal information is collected. Also, it won’t affect your experience with the product or its performance. It will just help us build a better Adobe Reader for you moving forward.
For more information, check out Lori’s Blog Posting. You can also read our APIP FAQ.

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