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August 31, 2010

Adobe Reader for Android Now Available in Six Languages

Ici. Hier. Qui. AquĆ­. Hier. It’s here – today we added support for five additional languages for Adobe Reader for Android: French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.

In this update (V9.0.2) Android phone users in these locales can now view and interact with PDF files in the language most convenient to them.

It’s easy and just a few clicks away to download (click from your Android device) this free update in your own language from your Android phone. Once the update is installed, Adobe Reader adopts the current language settings of your smart phone for any of the supported languages.

We hope today’s update will make mobile reading of PDF files that much more enjoyable for more of our users around the globe. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the product and update: post your comments on this blog or on in the forums.

Happy mobile reading!

Aman Deep Nagpal, Senior Product Manager, Acrobat Solutions

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