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June 14, 2011

Adobe Reader and Acrobat X (10.1)

Today, we announced the availability of Adobe Reader and Acrobat X (10.1). While addressing critical vulnerabilities, as mentioned in Security Bulletin APSB11-16, this important release also includes several other enhancements.

About a year ago, we released enhancements to the Adobe Reader Updater (see “Update on the New Updater“). At that time, our data showed that the user population was adopting our updates roughly three times faster than before. With Adobe Reader 10.1 for Windows, we’ve enhanced the fully-automated capability of the new updater, and will be moving our users to adopt that setting, by providing the dialog pictured below within the product.

As a reminder, “fully-automated” mode will regularly check for important updates, download them to your machine, and install them automatically. When finished, you will be alerted via a small message in the system tray that your software has been updated. This method is the recommended best practice for keeping Adobe Reader up-to-date and more secure given the fact that it does not require user intervention.

Acrobat Protected View
Leveraging the sandboxing work we did in Adobe Reader X, we’ve extended Adobe Reader Protected Mode to Acrobat 10.1 operating inside the browser. We’ve also introduced Protected View for Acrobat 10.1 operating in standalone mode. Protected View offers a simple view of documents, requiring confirmation before advanced functionality can run. For more information, see ASSET Blog Post: Inside Adobe Acrobat Protected View.

Enterprise Notes
Adobe Reader X (10.1) is a full installer on Windows and a cumulative update on Macintosh. Adobe Acrobat X (10.1) is a cumulative update on both Windows and Macintosh. As stated previously, SCUP catalogs are available for the Windows platform. For more information, please see the Release Notes.

Steve Gottwals, Group Product Manager, Adobe Reader

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