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June 8, 2012

One Year from Now: Adobe Reader and Acrobat 9 EOL

For our customers who need longer lead times when transitioning from older versions of our software, this blog post is an early reminder that the Adobe Reader and Acrobat 9 End-of-Life will occur next year.

As stated in the Adobe Support Lifecycle Policy, Adobe provides five years of product support from the general availability date of Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat. In line with that policy, support for Adobe Reader 9.x and Adobe Acrobat 9.x will end on June 26, 2013.

End of Support
End of Support means that Adobe will no longer provide technical support or distribute runtimes, including product and/or security updates, for all derivatives of a product or product version (e.g. localized versions, minor upgrades, operating systems, dot and double-dot releases, and connector products).

Recommendation to Customers/Users
Adobe strongly recommends that customers update to the latest versions of Adobe Reader at: By updating installations to the latest versions, customers benefit from the latest functional enhancements and improved security measures.

Additional Resources
For more information on the Adobe Support Lifecycle Policy, visit: For a complete list of Adobe products and technical support periods covered under the policy, visit:

Steve Gottwals, Group Product Manager, Adobe Reader

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June 4, 2012

Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) Update – June 4, 2012

The Adobe Approved Trust List is a program that allows millions of users around the world to create digital signatures that are trusted whenever the signed document is opened in Adobe Reader or Acrobat software. Essentially, both Reader and Acrobat have been programmed to reach out to a web page to periodically download a list of trusted “root” digital certificates. Any digital signature created with a credential that can trace a relationship (“chain”) back to the high-assurance, trustworthy certificates on this list is trusted by Acrobat and Reader.

We just added three new members to the program! For a full list, or to try a sample document, visit: Adobe Approved Trust List Members. So, if you’re interested in obtaining an AATL-enabled certificate, contact one of the members. Or, if you’re interested in being a member of the AATL, you can send an email here.

Steve Gottwals, Group Product Manager, Adobe Reader

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