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October 15, 2012

Adobe Reader XI Now Available!

Adobe Reader XI is now available! Download Reader XI today at With over one billion downloads, Adobe Reader continues its leadership as the global standard in PDF viewing and interaction.

New Functionality
Adobe Reader XI provides full commenting capabilities, including text, stamps, file attachments and audio recordings, as well as drawing markups, like lines, arrows, shapes and free-form annotations. Do you have a PDF form that needs attention? Well, Reader is now able to fill, sign, save and send your forms without requiring printing and mailing. And, of course, you can do this on the most recent and popular operating systems, OS X Mountain Lion and Windows 8, which includes our new “touch-mode” for an optimal tablet experience.

Mobile and the Cloud
Wherever you are, save your PDFs to for access from anywhere, including your mobile devices via Adobe Reader for Android and iOS. Also, leverage Adobe Reader XI’s integration with our cloud services, including creating PDF, exporting PDF files to Word and Excel, or sending your documents for signatures and full tracking via Adobe EchoSign.

We really moved the needle with Protected Mode in Adobe Reader X. Now, we’ve enhanced Protected Mode in Adobe Reader XI to include data theft prevention capabilities. We’ve even added a new Protected View, which implements a separate desktop and winstation for the UI, providing an additional layer of defense. For high-risk environments, we’ve added the PDF Whitelisting Framework, which allows the selective enablement of JavaScript for both Windows and Mac OS, including support for certified documents. And, in the area of content security, we’ve expanded our support to elliptic curve cryptography.

Enterprise Deployment
We spent a lot of time with our Citrix XenApp support, and especially focused on performance, which is key when accessing Adobe Reader XI from your tablet devices. Also, if you’re rolling out application streaming, we’re now supporting Microsoft App-V, including a Package Accelerator. Need a GPO template? We’ve added that to this release too! And, of course, we continue to enhance our support for Microsoft SCCM/SCUP, Apple Remote Desktop and have even added a Configuration Wizard for the Mac. For all your enterprise questions, checkout our new Enterprise Toolkit.

As always your feedback and comments are critical to our success. Please continue to provide us with your feedback via the Adobe Reader user forums.

To learn more about the new Adobe Reader XI please visit our home page at Follow Reader XI news on Twitter @Adobe_Reader.

Steve Gottwals, Group Product Manager, Adobe Reader

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  • By roma - 2:11 PM on March 20, 2013  

    When I click on the first link in the blog to download Adobe Reader XI, it takes me to a page that only allows a download of Adobe Reader X (10.1.4)

    • By joiemikitson - 6:19 PM on March 20, 2013  

      Hi Roma, are you running Windows Vista?

  • By Iuliu Papuc - 8:28 AM on March 29, 2013  


    • By joiemikitson - 7:57 PM on March 29, 2013  

      We’d like to help you find a solution are running Windows Vista on your machine?

  • By GhostlyBelle - 4:24 PM on April 7, 2013  

    why can I NOT get the version 11 of Adobe Reader?????????? It takes me to the 10 version every time…I am running Windows Vista and I shut my firewals down to avoid issues and I can’t even get the dang program from your site…wth is the matter with your programming that it is denying everyone access to the page download for 11

    • By joiemikitson - 4:18 AM on April 8, 2013  

      Hi, The reason why you keep getting redirected to Adobe Reader X is because that is the latest version available for Windows Vista. Reader XI is not available on Windows Vista at this time. For more information, please see

      • By Michael - 5:08 AM on June 29, 2013  

        Well then what is generating popup boxes that suggest updating to version 11, if it can’t actually happen?

  • By David Heimann - 9:34 AM on May 22, 2013  

    Should I have been prompted to update to Adobe Reader version 10 if it became necessary?
    I’m running Vista as well. Maybe Vista is the reason I was not prompted.
    Vista has served me just fine for my needs.
    Any pointers you can give for downloading and installing version 10?

    • By joiemikitson - 5:24 PM on May 22, 2013  

      Hi David. Yes, Reader X should prompt you to update if it’s needed. You can check your to see what version of Reader X you have installed by choosing Help > About Adobe Reader X. You can also check to see if there are any updates available by choosing Help > Check for Updates. Please let us know if you have any questions!

  • By client - 7:48 AM on June 13, 2013  

    Adobe Reader XI version 11.0.3 — The FIND function does not work.

    • By joiemikitson - 6:21 PM on June 13, 2013  

      Are you receiving an error message? How can we help?

  • By nima - 6:47 PM on June 29, 2013  

    how can i upgrade adboe reader X (10.1.7) to adobe reader XI ? when i click check for updates it says no updates avilable! i’m running windows 7.

  • By anna clark - 11:26 AM on July 31, 2013  

    Hi when will reader XI be available for vista? I am receiving documents from people with version XI that don’t even give me the normal functionality of version X, so I can’t edit them. Any suggestions as to how to restore the annotation functions other than highlight and sticky boxes?

    • By joiemikitson - 6:21 PM on July 31, 2013  

      Have you tried installing the latest version of Reader? That may solve the problem.