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July 1, 2013 on iOS is a beautiful thing.

We think that by now everyone who reads this blog probably knows about the Adobe Reader Mobile app for iPhone and Android (and now Windows Phone 8, too). We’ve obviously been big fans since day one. If you’ve got an account, you’ve almost certainly noticed how easy it is to access your documents from the Adobe Reader app on your iPhone or iPad. In case you haven’t tried this yet, let us summarize for you: it’s very easy.

However! We’ve been so happy using the Reader app that we are only JUST NOW learning about a really cool thing you can do with in your mobile browser on iOS: you can add it to your home screen! What?! Look at this:

Add to your homescreen

And we thought we’d already figured out all the tricks. Not only can you add the shortcut to your homescreen, but when you use in the browser, you’ve still got your familiar menus for sorting, creating a new folder, and uploading new files from your device, just like you’re used to on your computer. That means that even without the Adobe Reader mobile app, you can still access your files the way you always do. It just goes to show that the team never stops working to make life easier for all of us. Thanks, team. You guys rock.

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