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Not Taking a Risk is a Risk

Robert RedfordThe theme of reinvention was interwoven throughout the general sessions on day two of #AdobeSummit, and focused on the need for marketers to take risks for reinvention to actually happen. Our morning general session featured inspirational celebs, who are the epitome of risk-taking and reinvention – Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman and iconic actor and filmmaker Robert Redford. Richard hit on the need for authenticity in social, which helped him through the much-talked-about interview with Erin Andrews. One of our #AdobeSummit Insiders, Elisabeth Osmeloski recapped the top 10 marketing lessons from Sherman’s session here. Redford followed shortly after with a talk focused on the need for art and creativity in business, noting that he sees “art as chaos and business as order, and one needs to follow the other.” Missed the session? Catch it here.

As we did with Yancey Strickler’s time on stage yesterday, we held a Tweet for Good activation while Robert was on stage. Across his 30+ minutes on stage with our CMO Ann Lewnes, his talk generated over 2,400 tweets that drove more than $12K in donations towards the Sundance Institute

We book ended the morning keynote with our Sneaks session, which offered a look into what we have going on in our Labs, and our Summit Bash headlined by Grammy Award winner Vampire Weekend. Here’s a quick digest:

Marketing Reinvention Takes Over Adobe Summit

DisruptThe official start of Adobe Summit kicked off Tuesday with the opening keynote session, The Marketing Revolution, which centered around the need and tremendous opportunity the digital landscape offers marketers to reinvent. Our SVP and GM Brad Rencher hosted, pointing how much more creative marketers can be if we can just get over the tech hurdles.

Joining Brad on stage were a number of industry luminaries that gave us all something to aspire to, including REI’s Brad Brown, Audi’s Jeff Titus and Sephora’s Julie Bornstein. Kickstarter co-founder and CEO, Yancey Strickler wrapped it up, walking us through the shift of how we market and fund ideas. Yancey generated quite the buzz with our Tweet for Good campaign, which saw a tweet a second from the crowd, to help the Kickstarter campaign for Scratch Jr.

Besides the speakers, there were a slew of announcements. Missed the keynote? Watch it on-demand.

Catch other highlights below, and stay connected on the #AdobeSummit conversations on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

It’s Better to Tweet than to Receive

Last year, three million people from all seven continents (including Antarctica) pledged $480 million to Kickstarter projects. Kickstarter brought to life ideas like Oculus Rift that changed how we play, Project H Design that changed where we learn, and Goldieblox that changed how girls play and learn.

Ultimately, Kickstarter has changed the way people market and fund innovation – and we’re all for it! If you are too, join in our Tweet for Good campaign.

Yancey StricklerGiven the voice and platform Kickstarter has offered, we’re extremely excited to have its CEO and co-founder, Yancey Strickler, on stage during our opening keynote to talk to its role in “The Revolution of Marketing” on Tuesday, March 25 starting at 8:30 a.m. MT. For every tweet that includes the #AdobeSummit hashtag during Yancey’s time on stage, Adobe will donate $5 to the Kickstarter campaign for Scratch Jr.

Scratch Jr. is a redesigned version of the popular Scratch programming language, catered to younger children. This program inspires creativity in children by teaching them to program their own interactive games and stories so they can express themselves via a computer, not just interact with it.

Robert Redford - SundanceWe’ll be doing the same “Tweet for Good” campaign during Robert Redford’s chat with our CMO Ann Lewnes during the Day 2 keynote. We will donate $5 per #AdobeSummit tweet to the Sundance Institute – a non-profit organization that allows filmmakers and artists to explore stories independent of commercial and political pressures.

Can’t make Adobe Summit? Watch Yancey’s address during the Day 1 Keynote via Summit Online. Register here to watch it live.

Marketers Reinvented: Just Ask #SummitQA

As the front page of our Adobe Summit site says so clearly and simply:


As we’ve seen from recent research, marketers like us know that marketing has changed more in the last two years than the previous 50. We know that digital is difficult to do — only 29% of us believe we are doing it well. Yet, 2/3 of marketers feel that digital is critical to their company’s success and only 9% feel they know their efforts are working.

The time is ripe for reinvention. The question is: how?

Whenever we start a new project, a new job, a new anything – we always have questions, and most of us want advice from the folks who have done it before. This is the backdrop of our “Just Ask #SummitQA”. There will be 5,000 marketers in Salt Lake and millions more online. Summit 2014 is that great opportunity to network with others and start a dialogue about how to reinvent yourself in today’s digital marketing world. Let’s start the conversation now, continue it in person at Summit and expand it digitally.

How does it work?
Just tweet your burning marketing questions using #SummitQA hashtag. Subject matter experts will be listening and engaging back – including our executives such as CMO Ann Lewnes and SVP Brad Rencher. We wouldn’t surprised if you hear from some of our keynote speakers too!

Compelled to chime in and answer questions? Please do! This isn’t a one-way conversation — so start tweeting it up.

Be a part of our #SummitBash InstaGrammys

Adobe Summit is just a week away! While you double check your packing list, make sure to have your phone fully charged since it could be your ticket to the ultimate #SummitBash experience.

Instagram your entire Summit experience for special giveaways, including an exclusive VIP experience at the Tuesday night party. How?

Get creative, (like Chad from our team below), and sing a favorite lyric from one of the three bands.

Not ready to sing your heart out just yet? Then track your journey to Summit. A few starter ideas:

  • Capture your flight into Salt Lake City
  • Interview the hotel registration person about their favorite digital marketing solutions
  • Share a look at your first steps into Summit and picking up your badge
  • Record a short clip of what it’s like at the keynotes and breakout sessions

Don’t forget to tag your posts with #SummitBash!

Enter as many times as you’d like starting today, Monday, March 17. Get them in by EOD Tuesday, March 25. We’ll surprise a few of you starting Tuesday morning with giveaways and an update on who’s landed the VIP experience at the Bash.

We can’t wait to see what you create.

Social Media Session Highlights

Social Marketing Sessions at Summit

Social media strategists and practitioners – hear directly from the social networks themselves on how to best take advantage of social ads. Learn best practices directly from Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare at Summit. Here are a few highlights:

Generating positive revenue results through social advertising and Twitter

Social advertising is poised to be an $11 billion channel by 2016, and social marketers are being asked to quantify the results of their programs. But how is it being defined? Is social advertising really that different from display or other paid media? Should it be? And then how should advertisers view its contribution to success? With rich context and sentiment targeting, along with streamlined network offerings aligned with attribution, optimization strategies, and deeper analytics, how are revenue-positive results gained? Hear directly from Twitter about its unique advantages in advertising that harness the vast social context for real business results.

Mobilizing trends in social advertising: Driving performance with social ads

Social advertising, in the broader context of other marketing investments, will be table-stakes for performance advertisers looking to harness the footprint and contextual relevance that social network and social data can provide. While we know that social advertising works best in concert with other media, we also know that many nuances and contextual insights for optimizing content and performance are unique to the channel.

Location is the new cookie: Utilizing Foursquare for real-time marketing

Just last year, doubters questioned Foursquare’s ability to turn its popularity into a viable business. But forget that. With more than 40 million users worldwide, 55 million venues in their database, and 4.5 billion data-rich check-ins, Foursquare is now sitting on a vast trove of valuable data that everyone, from big tech companies to merchants and advertisers, wants to utilize. Learn how your business can use this data to target and engage the right customers at the right time in real time.

Sessions are filling fast. Check out all the social marketing sessions and sign up for ones of interest now by logging into the Session Catalog.

Everything You Need to Know About Digital Experience Management

This year’s Summit will feature the largest Digital Experience Management (DEM) track to date with a total of 19 sessions focused on web experience management, digital asset management, social communities and experience-driven commerce. Here are just some of the session highlights:

Don’t miss out on learning the latest techniques to maximize your Adobe Experience Manager investments from Adobe experts and industry peers. Register if you haven’t already and/or be sure to work in these sessions into your Summit scheduler.


Speakers and Sessions You Don’t Want to Miss

#AdobeSummit 2014

Regardless of which type of marketer you are – search, social or analyst – there are a slew of sessions for you at Summit this year. Below are a few not-to-miss speakers and sessions:

Digital Advertising
How search is influencing online advertising Steve Gibson of The Garage Team Mazda and other panelists
Personalization & Optimization
Transform your digital strategy with always-on optimization Sai Koppaka of Sears Holdings Corporate
Web Experience Management
Managing your business in the cloud: Top 5 considerations Patrick Virnich of Covidien and other panelists
Best practices for migrating from a legacy content management system Peter Francis of T-Mobile
Cross-channel Campaign Management
Paid, earned and owned is dead: How to make marketing work in the age of the customer Nate Elliott of Forrester
Scoring the marketing touchdown at the NFL Aidan Lyons of NFL
High stakes bet: How The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is building loyalty Brian Gress of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Social Marketing
Social ROI all-star panel: Harness social data like the pros Tamar Rimmon of Conde Nast and other panelists

Confirmed to attend Summit? Be sure to sign up for sessions of interest before they fill up!

Are you part of the 82% without formal training?


Given how quickly marketing is changing, the stat above, when we shared our Digital Distress study, didn’t faze us marketers. I’ll even go on record to say “yes, I’m a part of the 82%.” It’s not something we should either feel bad about or be proud of – it’s simply the state of the industry. However, the lack of formal training doesn’t need to be an accepted norm, especially as digital marketing matures. Or perhaps the better way to put it is that there is method to the digital marketing madness. It’s not all trial and error. We can learn how to do it better.

There are a number of sessions, not to mention hands-on labs, in our Summit agenda, for every digital marketer. Here are a few highlights:

Marketing Analytics

Cross-channel Campaign Management

Web Experience Management

 Digital Advertising

Targeting & Optimization

Social Marketing

And don’t forget, we have deep-dive training for Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions. Check out our preconference training sessions.

Adobe Training Services

In Adobe Marketing Cloud, there’s are numerous solutions from Analytics to Target to Experience Manager to Campaign to name a few. To help you make the most out of these solutions for your business and its specific needs, we have a number of Adobe Training Services taking place at Summit this year.

One-day courses are available for $700 and two-day sessions $1,400. If you have training dollars in a contract, you may be able to use those funds for these courses at Summit. Check in with your account rep to see if you have this as part of your contract. If you do have training funds available, these courses will be great to either tack on to your planned trip to Summit or a wonderful added bonus to convincing your boss to get you out to Salt Lake City with us…just saying.

Adobe Summit Preconference Training