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Learn about deploying dynamic content at Summit

Wondering how to drive conversion with dynamic content? Well, you’re in luck – we’ve expanded coverage on Adobe Scene7 at this year’s Summit! With breakout sessions across four tracks (Mobile, Personalized Engagement, Web Experience Management, and Tech Track), digital marketers and site merchandisers alike will gain comprehensive insight on using Scene7 as an integrated part of the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite. Each session will provide best practices on optimizing and delivering dynamic experiences across all touchpoints, including mobile and social. You’ll learn how Adobe enables you to:

• Streamline workflows in creating relevant online experiences for every individual

• Improve ROI for rich experiences delivered to every channel

• Strategically engage the right consumers with the most relevant content

And with 70+ unique sessions on the latest digital marketing trends, you’ll leave with proven marketing strategies that impact success.

Contributed by: Natalie Lacuesta Byrum, product marketing manager for Adobe Scene7

Learn More about Targeted Discovery at Summit

What is Targeted Discovery? It sounds a bit like an oxymoron, but it’s not.  From a site search perspective, targeting enables the digital marketer to more efficiently drive conversions, content consumption, registrations etc.  Discovery is a technique that draws the online visitor in by making intelligent suggestions and presenting relevant options to the user that he/she may not have even known about or considered.  Discovery does not happen by accident but when done right, it can make the visitor feel like they have just experienced a very personal, engaging interaction.   Coupled together, Targeted Discovery can be a true differentiator.

Want to learn more about this powerful approach?  Please plan to attend the breakout session on Targeted Discovery (#504) which is part of the Personalized Engagement track at Summit.  We will also discuss personalization and site navigation best practices.  You’ll have an opportunity to hear from and engage with Seth Moore, Director of Business Architecture and Strategy at provides a shining example of optimizing site search and deploying Targeted Discovery.  Please join us to learn more.

Contributed by: Francesca Lohman, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Adobe Search&Promote