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Michael Acton Smith Speaking at Adobe Summit

Mind Candy is ‘an entertainment company that creates magical brands with a digital heart’ and are the creators of Furi, Poppet, Luvli, Katsuma, Diavlo and Zommer (also known as Moshi Monsters).

The man behind these hugely popular pet monsters - Moshi Monsters has over 80 million registered users online - is Michael Acton Smith, CEO and creative director.

I caught up with Michael before he takes to the stage at Adobe Summit in London, May 14-15, to find out how these pet monsters came to life, what motivates him and of course, what he’ll be sharing at Summit.

TW_speaker_michaelsmithCan you tell us a bit more about how you came up with the idea of Moshi Monsters in a coffee shop?

The first game we created at Mind Candy was a very complex online and offline treasure hunt called Perplex City. It was ground breaking, but sadly it wasn’t a hit and with our money fast running out we needed another idea

I had a favourite coffee shop in Battersea that I would spend hours in doodling and daydreaming ideas.  This is the location where Moshi was sparked to life. I had seen how kids loved the Internet and so wanted to create a fun but safe virtual world for them to play within. I liked the idea of populating this world with little pet monsters for them to adopt and nurture

What’s the next step in building ‘the largest entertainment brand in the world for the new digital generation’?

We’re trying to build the greatest entertainment company, rather than the ‘largest entertainment brand’.

We want to continue creating magical entertainment that kids of all ages love. Our brands have a digital heart but can be enjoyed in many other ways such as magazines, books, toys, music and movies. We have several new exciting projects bubbling away

Can you give us a little teaser into what you will be exploring in your Summit talk?

I’m going to tell the story of my entrepreneurial adventures and share the lessons learned along the way that will hopefully be useful for the audience.

I will also talk a little about the next big project we’ll be launching at Mind Candy.

What new digital approaches will you be taking on your current or future projects?

We don’t have a single digital approach, but are very aware that kids are the ultimate early adopters and it’s important for us to stay on top of what technologies and apps they are excited by.

Do you see any links between your passion in music and your entrepreneurial drive?

I love the entertainment business and that has been a common thread through all my projects: FireboxPing Pong Fight ClubMind Candy, and Berwickstock, the music festival.

If you want to hear more from Michael, Mind Candy’s next big project, and of course, Monsters, register now for Adobe Summit.

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See you there!

Amber Atherton Speaking At Adobe Summit EMEA

With only a few weeks till Adobe Summit, we’ve been catching up with our speakers to find out what makes them tick, who inspires them, and what they’ll cover when they take to the stage in London on May 14-15.

First up, Amber Atherton, named 5th most powerful person in Vogue’s Digital Power List and founder and director of My Flash Trash talks fashion, creativity, and educational reform … .

Amber AthertonCan you tell us a bit more about how you started My Flash Trash (MFT)?
After various dabbles in ecommerce, fashion and gaming ventures throughout childhood, I set up MFT from my dorm at school. As one of the first UK fashion blogs to have a shopping cart function, we quickly gained a following that catalysed us into a marketplace for the world’s coolest jewellery designers.

Can you give us a little teaser into what you will be exploring in your Summit talk?
I’ll be giving an insight into how some of my ideas transformed into businesses, from the age of 16, and how you can unlock creativity and solve problems with a few curious case studies. Mainly, I want to motivate the whole audience so when they leave my talk they are ready to be a total boss.

What is your favourite thing about being an entrepreneur?
The ability to direct my own schedule. For me, time is the most valuable asset and having the freedom to control how I spend it is one of my favourite things about being an entrepreneur.

What campaigns have inspired you the most recently?
Strangely, mainly men’s deodorant campaigns. What Old Spice did in the USA was amazing and Lynx’s most recent ‘make peace’ campaign was so virally epic.

If you were given complete freedom, both creatively and financially, what would you do next?
I’m passionate about creating a greater synergy in education between academia and entrepreneurship. There is a massive lack of practical business and career defining experience in school curriculum. So I want to work on changing that in some way next.

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You can also check out the list of other stellar speakers on our website, where you can also register, for what will be THE digital marketing conference of the year in Europe!

Summit Insider: Elisabeth Osmeloski on marketing and the role of SEO

Our Summit Insiders is a collection of marketing experts whom we’ve invited to join us on the ground at Summit to share their insights, observations and experience via social media, blogging and other digital outlets. We sat down with Elisabeth Osmeloski, one of our Insiders to talk about marketing, reinvention (the theme of this year’s Summit) and more. Here’s what she had to say:

Elisabeth_InsiderDigital marketing changes each and every day. How do you consistently reinvent yourself to meet the ever-changing demands of this industry? 
Good question! The biggest challenge for most people in the industry is just keeping up with the change when change happens at an alarming rate. For many I know (and myself included), several hours of nearly every day are carved out just for scanning headlines and reading updates from reputable industry sites as well as platform and product blogs that may affect their current marketing campaigns.

For digital marketers to keep up, it’s imperative that we stay up to date on new features offered by search and social platforms, so they can begin to strategize how to best leverage those for their company’s efforts. On top of that, they also need to be aware of upgrades and changes to the vendor tools they use on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Finally, everyone needs to take a step back and look at the big picture of how everything in digital works together – from every angle, including personalization and privacy, social and mobile technology, to name just a few. That’s where trusted marketing technology news sites (like our own Marketing Land & Search Engine Land of course, but several others as well) as well as mainstream media and business publications come in handy to quickly surface the bigger issues.

But in order to reinvent yourself (and particularly useful if you’ve been ‘stuck’ in a single vertical for a long time) – I do think it’s important to draw inspiration from other industries and to try to take a look at what they’re doing with a fresh eye, so you can bring those learnings into your own strategies.

How do you see the role of SEO evolving in the next five years?
SEO has been evolving since the day it was invented – but the real potential for search engine optimization over the next few years is a renewed focus on information architecture to better take advantage of structured data. As search platforms continue to try to better understand query intent and are finally making strides in semantic search, structured data is helping inform algorithms of who, what, when, where, why and how – publishers have an opportunity to influence this from the ground up.

However, in the age of ‘direct and instant’ answers for top level queries, SEO is going to have to find new opportunities to be discovered in search, and get the click through from search results. One of the biggest challenges for SEO continues to be the fight for credit and traffic / ROI attribution. In a world of [not provided] keywords, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to track results at scale. For that reason, it’s also likely that SEO might just be folded into a bigger marketing role as all websites become ‘content publishers’.

There’s also the concept that search happens in other formats beyond the desktop – not just on mobile, but within mobile apps, on wearables and in voice search for example – ‘optimizing’ for those results will be another opportunity for marketers to capture audience attention.

What skills do you think are going to be imperative for digital marketers to have in the future?
For the creative side of the marketing table, it’s become obvious that using to data to inform your marketing strategies is what’s going to matter most. Being able to build a scalable strategy, test and measure results at every stage, and adjust accordingly is ultimately what is going to drive the success of all marketing. Add the complication of needing to do this effectively in ‘real-time’, using a mix of technology platforms and human interaction. Adaptability and agility are the keywords.

What advice would you someone entering into the digital marketing industry?
My advice is to pick at least one specialty to focus on and become a true expert in that area – whether that’s organic search, paid advertising, email marketing, social media, content development or analytics. But do keep yourself well informed on all the other aspects of digital so that you have a deeper understanding of how to leverage other opportunities and more importantly, work with other members of your team and in other business units around your company.

More about Elisabeth Osmeloski 
Elisabeth Osmeloski is Director of Audience Development for Marketing Land and Search Engine Land, two of the leading trade publications in the digital marketing space. She is responsible for increasing readership through owned, earned and paid media channels. As part of her role on the editorial team, she assists in programming SEO and related digital marketing sessions at Third Door Media’s Search Marketing Expo conference series. Elisabeth also co-founded – a local association for Utah based search and digital marketing professionals.

Early-Bird Discount Extended to March 14 for Adobe Summit EMEA: The Digital Marketing Conference

Adobe Summit EMEA early bird extended!With just two months left before Europe’s largest digital marketing conference hits London, we’ve decided to extend the Early-Bird Registration discount to Adobe Summit EMEA 2014 (May 14-15 at ICC ExCel) for another two weeks!

Now until March 14, marketers can take advantage of a special £575/€685 early-bird offer on a full, two-day conference registration, saving you £150/€180 or 20%. Special discounts between 25-40% are also available for groups—see our Adobe Summit EMEA 2014 page for more.

Today, we’re also announcing the addition of a new “Digital Marketing Operations” track to our 2014 conference line-up. As your organisation evolves on its digital marketing journey, you will need to employ increasingly complete strategies and processes that touch every part of your business. This means the new marketer now more than ever will have to work closer with other departments and have a fuller appreciation of issues in legal, operations and IT. In the Digital Marketing Operations track, you will learn from Adobe experts and customer thought leaders as they share their marketing operations strategies and techniques.

Summit EMEA 2014 will assemble thousands of marketers and advertisers to discover best practices around marketing analytics, media optimisation, social marketing, and audience targeting. Keynote and inspirational speakers will examine the latest trends impacting marketers today, as well as the evolution of the digital marketing landscape and its role in our world.

Check out the full list of keynote speakers and stay connected to all the need-to-know details through our channels below.

Do you now what your marketing is doing? Don’t worry. Adobe can help. @MarkPhibbs

Stay Connected – Summit 2014 Social Media Channels

Where should you focus your marketing efforts?

Marketing has changed more in the past 2 years than the last 50, or so say the 1,000 marketers we spoke to for our recent Digital Distress: What Keeps Marketers Up at Night study. The pace of change in our industry has been incredible thanks to the digital explosion. While the digital era offers marketers more avenues than ever to reach customers, it makes it so much harder. So the question is, where to focus your energies as you look ahead? Do you double down on display ads? Do you hire more social media managers? Do you focus more on personalization? How important is your cross-channel campaign management now that all the marketing segments want attribution for their particular efforts?

We get it. In a time where a customer’s digital journey has multiple touch points, it’s ALL important. Yet, it doesn’t make our jobs any easier! With Summit this year, we’re looking to alleviate the strain on marketers. Need to get ahead and simply know about social media marketing? There’s a dedicated track with a number of confirmed sessions on that, with more to come. Personalization and targeting? We have a bunch of sessions around that too.

Check out all our tracks and view the full session catalog to customize the experience to your needs, interests and experience level.