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How has online holiday shopping fared so far?

Our Adobe Digital Index team made some pretty significant predictions for the online holiday shopping season. Analysis of 450 billion visits to more than 2,000 retail web sites over the past seven years, including a survey of 1,000 consumers around the world, led to the 2013 online shopping forecast published in early November. The highlights:

  • Cyber Monday would be big
  • Thanksgiving Day could become the “new Black Friday”

US Online Sales Prediction 2013

The Results
Starting “Turkey Day” here in the States into the 5-day shopping spree that followed, the numbers are in and it appears that retailers – who are facing the shortest holiday shopping season since 2002 – can breathe easier. Thursday and Friday were dual-billion dollar days with Thanksgiving online sales breaking the billion-dollar mark and Black Friday up more than 30% year over year.

Black Friday Online Sales 2013

As predicted, Cyber Monday stole the show surpassing $2 billion. Mobile and social played a larger role this year, influencing shopping decisions and sales contributions. The report also shows how specific states shopped and contributed to online holiday sales.

Cyber Monday 2013 Sales

While there is still Green Monday – and of course the rest of the holiday season – we’re hoping many of you marketers can breathe a little easier about hitting your quarter and/or year-end numbers.

Need more of a reprieve between the holiday marketing and sales craze? Join us on Twitter this Friday, December 6 at 10am PT for #MarketingTherapy: Holiday Edition. Chat with those of us who went through this grueling spending peak. Let’s see what worked and what didn’t, and what you were all measuring this year!