Technical Sessions for Advanced Users

At Summit our top technologists will share innovative approaches to measurement and optimisation for use across your digital marketing activities. If you’re a more technically advanced user, here is a list of sessions you might be interested in:

Adobe SiteCatalyst 15: Advanced approaches to achieving data-driven euphoria
Track: Analytics & Reporting 

For those seeking analytical enlightenment, come forth! Explore advanced analytic methods and the exciting new features of SiteCatalyst 15. Learn how you can leverage its power to drive more actionable and data-driven decisions.

Learn about:

  • Effectively using segmentation within your data set to draw out actionable insights.
  • Approaches to estimating the potential impact of analytics results.
  • Taking advantage of cutting-edge SiteCatalyst features and advanced user techniques.

This session is for web analysts in all industries seeking advanced uses for SiteCatalyst.

Predictive marketing: No PhD in statistics required!
Track: Analytics & Reporting 

How do you provide the right content to the right customer at the right time through the right channel? How can you make more confident decisions from your data and become forward looking without having to be a “quant”? Hear how you can simplify predictive marketing solutions and techniques to enhance data analysis and make more intelligent decisions based on statistical modeling.

Learn about:

  • Segmentation and customer response scoring.
  • Forecasting.
  • Attribution and media mix modeling.

This session is for interactive marketers and web and business analysts in all industries.

Analytics action heroes: Learn digital kung-fu from analytics masters
Track: Analytics & Reporting

A panel of leading practitioners from across the country review best practices for performing analysis, optimising online performance, and driving more value from analytics. These experienced experts reveal their tips, tricks, and power strategies for getting the most out of online analytics efforts. You’ll leave this session armed and dangerous with ideas and techniques for driving more value in your role as an analyst.

Rub elbows with industry veterans who share:

  • Power-user tips to raise your analytics game and optimise your business results.
  • Real-world examples that address current online analytics questions.
  • Innovative practices and strategies to get your website to top performance levels.

This session is for web and digital analysts in all industries.

Multichannel campaign budgeting—finding the right mix
Track: Advertising & Multi-channel Campaigns 

Search, display, and social are the three dominant digital channels for marketers today. Finding the right mix between them can deliver a more successful advertising campaign. Learn how data and sophisticated algorithms are driving smarter budget mixes to help marketers create higher performing multichannel campaigns.

Learn about:

  • Forecasting channel performance with increased spend.
  • Developing an efficient media mix to boost results across channels.
  • Optimising campaigns after launch to drive incremental performance.

97% of site visitors don’t convert. How successful was your last display retargeting campaign?
Track: Advertising & Multi-channel Campaigns 

Display retargeting is one of the most efficient ways to reach previous visitors with relevant offers while they engage with other sites. Bringing them back to your site increases conversion and reduces overall acquisition costs. Hear how you can align your first-party data with targeting technology to create effective display retargeting campaigns.

Learn how to:

  • Identify high-value retargeting segments large enough to drive volume.
  • Deliver dynamic creative with relevant offers based on behaviour.
  • Measure the impact of your retargeting campaigns.

This session is for advertising and agency professionals.

Deep dive into data-driven campaign optimisation
Track: Advertising & Multi-channel Campaigns 

The collision of data and advanced learning algorithms is no more apparent than in search marketing. However, the need to extend this intelligence across channels is critical for marketers. And that requires effective and flexible models aligned with accurate data. Hear how the creators of Efficient Frontier’s market-leading optimisation algorithms think about campaign optimisation and how you can apply it to your business.

This session covers:

  • Understanding key variables in channel optimisation.
  • Gathering the right data to feed the models.
  • Applying advanced optimisation to campaigns.

This session is for advertising and agency professionals with advanced segmentation needs.

Connecting the dots—powerful profiles for personalisation success
Track: Personalisation & Conversion 

When personalising online experiences, success depends on creating meaningful connections between what you know or can assume about your online audience and your company’s offers and content. Whether you’re an online retailer, publisher, B2B service provider, or all of the above, you need an effective way to aggregate meaningful data about your customers and prospects and then leverage that data to create relevant, personalised online experiences that engage and convert. Learn how to create and use “universal profiles” that facilitate audience segmentation and targeting.

This session covers:

  • What the profile knows and how it can help you personalise.
  • Augmenting profiles with enterprise and third-party data sources.
  • Examples of leveraging the universal profile to improve your testing and targeting programmes.

This session assumes an understanding of Adobe Test&Target. It is for interactive marketers across industries, but the principles discussed might be of interest to display ad marketers.

Getting to know you: Going from anonymous visitor to loyal customer
Track: Personalisation & Conversion

Even the best personalisation programmes are often not addressing huge portions of their online audience because they simply don’t know what to present to an anonymous visitor. Worse yet, several personalisation programs never get off the ground because of the daunting task of matching relevant offers and content to largely diverse audiences and individuals.

Hear how Adobe Test&Target can leverage up to hundreds of data points to automate the personalisation of content and offers specifically to individuals while removing the editorial burden from the marketer.

Learn about:

  • How automated personalisation to individual online visitors works.
  • Making the most of your prime promotional real estate with automated personalisation.
  • Getting the most out of your Test&Target deployment.

This advanced targeting session is for marketers in retail, financial services, B2B, and high tech, but principles discussed are applicable to several industries.

Implementing Adobe CQ to create optimised customer experiences
Track: Web Experience Management 

Many companies are choosing to re-platform their content management systems with more adaptive and agile technologies. Learn how to use Adobe CQ as part of the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite to gain the agility you need. Explore areas of extensibility for custom development to create highly engaging web and mobile experiences.

Takeaways include:

  • Implementation overview, including system basics, prerequisites, and points of integration.
  • Integration of CQ in the Digital Marketing Suite and integrated workflows with other suite products, such as SiteCatalyst, Test&Target, Scene7, and Adobe Search&Promote.
  • Architectural overview of the CQ content sync framework for deploying existing web content to mobile sites.

Check out the agenda for a full list of sessions available across our seven tracks.

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