Thanks for Entering our Sweepstakes! #Voiceyourthanks

In November, we launched our Voice Your Thanks sweepstakes, encouraging you to share your stories of gratitude using Voice. We loved watching your videos and hearing about everything you’re thankful for: great friends and family, wonderful pets and amazing opportunities in 2014.

The sweepstakes ended last week – and we’re still contacting all the winners – but we wanted to take this time to thank you for entering, and to share a few fun entries:



Stay tuned for the winner announcement in January!

Voice Your Thanks for a Chance to Win Big!

What are you thankful for? This year, we’re grateful for you – for embracing Voice, and for sharing your amazing stories. Now, we want to give you the opportunity to share what you appreciate with the world for a chance to win a great prize.

All you have to do is create a Voice video about what you’re thankful for, share it on Twitter with #Voiceyourthanks and then follow @adobevoice. You’ll be officially entered for a chance to win $5,000 for yourself, and $5,000 for your favorite cause – including any educational institution or non-profit you’d like to support*. For more details, visit the Voice Your Thanks website, or watch this quick video:


We encourage you to enter, and to pass the information along to your friends. We can’t wait to see what deserving cause the winner selects – it could be your favorite school or non-profit!

* Charity must be approved by Sponsor in its sole discretion.

Voice Tips & Tricks: Add More Color

Last week, we were incredibly excited to introduce a great new feature in Voice, called Theme Lab. Now you can customize themes with the colors you want, so you can tell stories that are uniquely you.

To make sure you get the most out of Theme Lab, we wanted to let you in on a few quick customization tricks. Watch as Voice community manager Rikk Flohr covers how to change colors, how to add a hex value, where to find the themes you recently designed, and more:


We hope these tips help spice up your stories! Experiment today and find out the right combination for you. If there are any topics you’d like to see featured, tweet us @adobevoice or contact Rikk at We’re always happy to help!

New! Add Custom Colors to Your Stories

From a bright red balloon in a child’s hand to an amber colored sky at dusk to a yellow field of tulips, the colors in our world shape our emotions in subtle yet powerful ways. We celebrate the unique and personal voice that narrates your stories, but also know that it’s equally important to consider visual variety to keep viewers engaged. Today, we’re incredibly excited to introduce a new area within Voice called Theme Lab, that lets you tell your story in whatever colors you choose. Consider it a place for you to freely experiment with color combinations that will make your video truly unique.

Learn more about this exciting new update from Voice senior product manager, Tom Nguyen:

Adobe Voice

With one simple tap you can customize backgrounds, icons, text, and more. Voice automatically applies changes across your entire video, so you can create a beautiful and consistent experience. Pick your favorite colors, set the mood, or represent your brand identity – the possibilities are endless.

This Voice release also includes another handy feature: improved photo resizing. Now you can pinch to adjust the size of photos to make sure nothing important gets cropped out – or easily scale logos and other small images to the size you want.

Check out the latest Voice update to start playing with these great new features. We can’t wait to see your colorful stories!

Fun Friday: Happy Halloween!

Halloween is no laughing matter… or is it? If you’re a fan of corny jokes, you’ll appreciate these spooky one-liners!

Adobe Voice

What’s your favorite Halloween joke? Share it on Twitter using #toldwithVoice, and we might showcase it here or in the Explore feed within the app for others to enjoy!

Voice Tips & Tricks: Sound Your Best

Voice automatically improves your recordings to even out volume and make you sound great! However, there are a few simple things you can do to make sure the audio is clear and consistent in your next Voice video.

Watch as Voice Community Manager Rikk Flohr covers some quick tricks to make you sound top notch – including the best approach to recording, adjusting background music volume and adding your own soundtrack.


Thanks for catching our latest tip! If there are any topics you’d like us to cover, tweet us @adobevoice or contact Rikk at We’re here to help!

Fun Friday: There Once was a Banana King

We don’t normally give much thought to bananas, but we’ll be watching our backs in the produce aisle after this amusing Voice video! See what happens when Ben, the coolest fifth grader at Downtown Elementary, faces off against the evil banana king – complete with sound effects:

There Once Was A Banana King — Adobe Voice

Want be included in our Fun Friday series? If you mark your Voice video public and use #toldwithVoice, we might showcase it here, or in the app’s Explore feed!

Voice Tips & Tricks: Embedding Video on Websites

Voice gives you many great options for sharing your videos, including Facebook, Twitter, email and text message. But have you ever wondered how to re-share your Voice videos after they’ve been published, or how to embed? If you have a small business website or a blog, this week’s tip is for you!

Watch as Voice Community Manager Rikk Flohr gives his quick tips for sharing your Voice videos with the world. Small business owner Stephanie Kuoch of Steppie Clothing showcases her video in the “About Me” section of her site, so her customers can hear the story of her company – in her own voice:

We hope this tip helps you show off your videos! If there are other features you’d like to learn about, please tweet us @adobevoice, or contact Rikk at We’re always here to help!

Fun Friday: Hey! I am French!!

What does a high schooler do when assigned a “Digital Selfie Introduction”? French exchange student Gaspard Guermonprez used Voice – and a bit of humor – to educate his classmates… and voila! Check out his witty presentation:

voice blog

Gaspard, who loves creating videos, says “Voice is very simple and easy to use! It has an incredible library of icons, pictures, and music. I cannot wait to continue to use Voice to unleash my creativity in ways I could not have imagined before.”

Merci, Gaspard!

Want to get your Voice featured in our Fun Friday series? If you mark your Voice video public and use #toldwithVoice, it might be showcased here or find its way into the Explore feed within the app for others to enjoy!

Head Back to School with Voice!

Incorporating technology into the classroom continues to be a focus for teachers and administrators – as does the importance of developing strong written storytelling skills. As the new school year opens, we’ve gotten great feedback about how Voice can be integrated into lesson plans to support these and other educational goals.

In addition to helping teachers drive storytelling skill development, Voice is also a wonderful way to reach parents and the surrounding communities. Watch how a school superintendent in Washington used Voice to show supporters how bond funds helped to transform and upgrade their high school campus:

Selah High School - New Addition

Two high school teachers and technology specialists also needed a way to present a lot of new information about their innovative alternatives for learning and student support. Here’s an informative video explaining their approach to introducing iPads in the classroom, shown during a presentation to parents:

iPads at LHS

Are you an educator or administrator who uses Voice in or out of the classroom?  We’d love to share your story (#toldwithVoice)!