Introducing Adobe Voice

Storytelling matters. 

And telling a story well matters even more. 

Whether it’s the story of your new business. The story of your cause. The story of your students. It’s not just about explaining information or ideas. It’s about making an impact and standing out. 

That’s why we’ve created Adobe Voice, a free iPad app that helps you make an animated video — in minutes. You don’t have to stare at a blank page, mess around with bullets and slides or film anything. You just record your voice, select beautiful icons and imagery and it’s all automatically combined with a soundtrack and cinematic-effects.

All you have to do is tell the story. And the app takes care of the rest.

Here’s a peek at how Voice works.

Thanks to all the storytellers we’ve collaborated with to build an app that makes it all fun again. It’s the passionate small business owners, the vigilant non-profits, devoted teachers and imaginative students who motivated us to rethink how stories could be told. Our story together has just begun.

Download the app today and share what you’ve #toldwithVoice. We want to see what matters to you.

— The Adobe Voice team

121 Responses to Introducing Adobe Voice

  1. Dan Donovan says:

    Can we use our own photos and videos in our stories?

    • Hi Dan, you can use your own photos. You can import photos to use in your Voice video from a variety of sources, including those you already have on your iPad, in a Facebook album, Dropbox or Creative Cloud account.

      Video import, however, isn’t supported at this time.

  2. I LOVE Adobe Voice just as is! The ONLY new feature I hope is added is the ability to import a PDF document (e.g., of a Keynote or PowerPoint presentation) so that I can use all the Adobe Voice features with it, especially for adding audio. Thanx 4 the app!!

  3. Please delete my first submission because of the typo in it. Thanx!

  4. Aron says:

    Is there any chance of getting this for Android or as a CC program for a PC laptop? (running Windows 7?)

  5. Just created a revision prompt with AdobeVoice
    As I said, “a fantastically efficient and easy tool to use for creating engaging lesson starters, learning assets or revision / reminder prompts.”

  6. Gizz says:

    Seems like a fun app to play with. It’s just starting to get a bit frustrating to see the number of iPad only apps developed by Adobe…

    Android support would be very welcome :)

  7. I made my first video with Voice this morning. I love how easy it is. It only took me 30 minutes to create a 55 second video. A record for me.
    As an author, I’m anxious to make a book trailer for my new book.
    One question: Can I post the videos I make to my YouTube channel?

  8. Is there any way we can add our own music background instead of using the samples in the app?

    • Hi John, Importing your own music is not supported in Adobe Voice at this time. Thanks for the feedback. Importing audio/music seems like a common request.

    • Dennis Wilson says:

      If you upload your own music to iTunes it is possible to add to voice presentation. When looking at “music clips” scroll all the way to the right. It should read “Choose from my iPad”. Good luck.

  9. Love the new app. It’s lots of fun. Would love to be able to download the video it creates, instead of just linking.

  10. Mike Fitzpatrick says:

    Just downloaded the app and I’ve spent a few minutes looking around and playing with a couple of elements. I’m not seeing youtube support, am I just missing it?

  11. ba55ey says:

    1. The videos do not play on Opera and Safari on PC (the ones I have noticed for now). They do not even play on safari on the iPad used to create them. How come, deliberate?

    2. Unable to post video on twitter, had to copy the link and manually post. constant error of not being able to link twitter.

  12. jason Y says:

    I see some of the slides have 2 icons on them. I cannot reproduce this without screencapping the icons and using another app to stitch them together and then importing it as a photo from the ipad. Im especially interested in the effect where one icon follows the other after a delay.

    Any guidance?

    • rikkflohr says:

      When you want to put two items side-by-side you need to chose the Two Things option in the Layout section.

      To do the one-item-following-the-other.
      1. Create a page with one icon on it.
      2. Duplicate the page
      3. Add the second icon to the second page.

  13. Bernhard says:

    Why in the world would create an app like that and then force the user to use your cloud???? Hope you will add the ability to save locally as a video or at least add the ability to download the finished product

  14. John Darrouzet says:

    Lost entire project without warning? where does all that work go?

  15. Lauren Taylor says:

    Hi there – LOVE this app. I’ve been sharing it with my high school students. I do have a question – how do I delete old stories that I don’t want anymore? Thank you! – Lauren Taylor, AT Specialist

    • rikkflohr says:

      On-line: Tap on Shared at the top of your Adobe Voice interface. It will take you to a listing of your published stories where you can delete old stores.

      On-iPad: Tap on Projects then tap the up icon in the lower right of your project and tap the trash can.

      • gph says:

        what is the adobe voice interface? the page the video is on? the creative cloud webpage? i don’t see “shared” anywhere. thanks for your help.

  16. Percy Campos says:

    Can you add “autoplay” to a Voice embed code and what would the snippet look like? Also, can you remove all credits at video’s end, including the “Told with Voice” frame? Thanks

  17. Kathleen Corley says:

    We LOVE this app for our elementary school students. We love that the images can be found within the app, and they are free to reuse. However, we would love to have an option to set a filter or restriction for images for younger students. Is there any way to do that with the current app, or would you consider that in the next version?

  18. ASG says:

    I got a wierd error about not being eligible for service and not being able to log in to even test the link? Is the site down and there was no explanation for this on the site or within th e app. It wouldn’t let me even signup for an account for a while.

    I already created the first project but right now I can’t upload and share it with anyone

    Would appreciate any help with this!

  19. Please enable videos,YouTube sharing on our channel and flash images

  20. Cassiano says:

    Can we embed or upload the videos we create somehow? Is there a premium version of the app?

  21. Ange says:

    Hey! i’m from Mexico and I can’t share any videos! please how can I do it? I can’t log in by Facebook or Adobe Id. It is really urgent to me to share it. Please Help!!

  22. Marcia says:

    Is there a way for an elementary student to use Adobe Voice without an email address? I hope so!

    • Ely Greenfield says:

      Hi Marcia. You can download and use Adobe Voice without logging in, but if you want to publish your video to the web, you need a free AdobeID login, which requires an email address. I will also mention that while there are lots of younger kids using Voice, it is rated 12+ in the app store. We use the most restrictive settings possible when searching the online databases we tap in to, but there is still some more mature content that slips through those filters at times.

  23. Jordy says:

    How to save our project to my own ipad when it’s done? Is it possible? Cause i can’t save it to be a video in my ipad, i must open the link again and again

  24. Pat says:

    I have just made my first story which consists of my photos with my words. I chose Slideshow as my theme. I would like the pictures to be larger, that is to not have the black border but to fill the frame. I also would like to be able to turn my ipad horizontally so the picture is larger. How do I do that? It won’t flip for me.
    Also, is there a recommended resolution, aspect ratio, so the whole picture will appear without part getting cropped if I use the full screen photo layout? Thank you

    • Ely Greenfield says:

      Hi Pat. If you open the layouts panel at the top of the screen, you can choose the ‘fullscreen photo’ layout to fill the whole video with your image.

      We don’t support landscape mode in the editor, but when you’re playing back the full video, you can rotate your ipad sideways to see the video fill the screen.
      Finally, we publish videos at HD resolution – 720w by 1280h, which is 16 x 9 aspect ratio.


  25. BillS says:

    Well I can understand whatever the business arrangement between adobe and apple. Given the size of android users, though, it wouldn’t be a very smart move on adobe’s part not to support it for long. Cool app.

  26. J says:

    I love the fact that Adobe bang on about cross platform and creating apps for multiple devices, yet this adobe voice app is only for ipad! Makes total sense!

  27. Steve says:

    How do I delete a project that hasn’t been shared or uploaded anywhere. If I just want to delete the whole thing and start over. How do I do that?

    • rikkflohr says:

      Tap “Projects”on the home screen and you will see a grid of your current projects. On the bottom right is an up arrow. Tap it. Tap the Trash Can.

  28. Jim Warner says:

    Love Voice. However, it will not upload my project. It did work with a shorter project but not the longer one. The longer one has about 30 frames with about 20 photos. Is there a size limitation? Any thoughts for me? I really want to use this program!

    • rikkflohr says:

      There is no ‘fixed’ size limit. We have seen videos in excess of 20 minutes successfully upload. Here are some troubleshooting tips:

      • Jim says:

        Thanks for the thoughts but nothing is working. I think I will to back to using Keynote. I sure wished Voice worked for me!

      • Jim says:

        I’m back. I produced a wonderful presentation in Keynote. But the video recording won’t sync. Apparently that doesn’t work either. I really want Voice to work. Any thoughts about who I can talk with about my problem? Thanks.

        • rikkflohr says:

          Can you give me some more info?

          iPad model:
          iOS version:
          Memory installed:
          Memory available:
          Type of internet connection:

          • Candice Carricarte says:

            I am having the same problem! But my presentation is LONG- 91 slides and probably 40 photos. I can successfully upload a shorter video but not this one.

            iPad model: MC992LL/A
            iOS version: 7.1.1 (11d201)
            Memory installed: 13.6 gb
            Memory available: 9.3 GB
            Type of internet connection: wifi at work, secure network (full strength)

          • rikkflohr says:


            Are you getting an error message or does it just never complete?

          • Candice Carricarte says:

            @rikkflohr I’m sorry it’s not giving me an option to reply directly to your question. It has done 2 separate things– one, it just stopped with no error message that I noticed and two, it said that upload cannot be completed at this time. Any ideas? Thank you for your reply, by the way.

          • rikkflohr says:

            Will the entire video play from within the app when you hit the play button?

          • Candice Carricarte says:

            @rikkflohr Yes, it will play fully with no problems.

          • rikkflohr says:

            Are you publishing over the WiFi or the 3G built into your iPad?

  29. Barry Johansen says:

    I really like the clean, crisp, simple icons! Can I use them in Captivate or other programs? Where might I find them?

  30. Jasmine says:

    I love this app it’s very nice but i have a question how can i see who shares my videos .hope to get your reply soon.thanks

  31. Perelandra Kilns says:

    I have tried repeatedly and unsuccessfully to embed a Voice video at my hosted website. Nothing works. After searching around, I discovered that only embeds a certain list of sites, adobe Voice not being one of them, and does not support “iframe” due to security reasons. I noticed the embed cdd offered is indeed “iframe”. Will there be an update that will allow people to embed the voice videos directly onto hosted sites (I’m not talking about self-hosted cites offered through I noticed that if I put a link to the video as it is hosted on adobe cloud, only 1 in 5 people will click through to actually watch it, whereas if they would access it directly on my site, it would get 5 times as many views. This is a serious issue that will prevent me from using Adobe Voice in the future until embedding becomes possible. That having been said, I hope to see this soon as the app is exactly what I need!

  32. Trudy says:

    How do I find the analytics for shares and views?

    • rikkflohr says:

      If you go to your Story’s page at the link provided, it will give you a count for Facebook and Twitter shares from that page at the bottom left. More detailed analytics are not available

  33. Angie says:

    PLEASE develop for Android, Windows tablets and PC. This is an effective tool that we would be able to use in our P-12 school where BYOT – multiplatform – is the norm.

  34. Maggie says:

    We have discovered that the Adobe Voice embed code does not currently work well with Google Chrome.
    However. we are able to use the embed code to share Adobe Voice videos in other browsers.
    Adobe Voice is a great tool, but we hate to tell students not to use specific browsers.

    Would you be able to make the embed code work for Google Chrome as well?

    • rikkflohr says:

      Can you provide us a link so we can see what is going on? I have tested a webpage with the embed code on Google Chrome and it seems to work as expected.

  35. RG says:

    When I upload a photo from my Dropbox and set the layout to “Fullscreen Photo”, it does not seem to allow me to resize the photo much. I’m trying to make the photo small enough to show the whole photo on the screen. Am I missing something or do I just have to upload smaller-sized photos?

    • rikkflohr says:

      When you use the Fullscreen Photo option, it fills the screen-no matter what. That means if you photo’s aspect ratio doesn’t match the aspect ratio of the Adobe Voice page (16×9), it will spill over the edges. You can move it to show which part of the photo you want but not the entire photo.

      Using a smaller photo might give a more complete view but it can also look very “lo-res”.

  36. I’m having difficulty embedding my Adobe Voice video on my blog. I copied the embed code and pasted it into the HTML of my blog, however the video is not showing up. I even tried changing the height and width of the video to fit my blog. I use Blogger. Am I doing anything wrong?

  37. They definitely allow I frame videos because I have uploaded youtube videos that are I frame to blog posts before. When I upload the html code of the video into my blog post there’s a blank space where the video should be. The video URL is and the embed code looks like this

  38. Elli says:

    How can I put a youtube video into an Adobe Voice presentation?

  39. I hope this has not been asked before, but I am using this great app for teaching older adults how to make their own videos to send birthday cards to their grandkids. I am learning this as quickly as possible, but firstly want to know how to go about changing the Title of the Project. There is no “Save as…”, and I am only able to duplicate the original with the same name. Can you help? Secondly, is there a tutorial/user manual/instructions? I am confused as to how animation of transitions and objects is controlled.
    Thank you

    • rikkflohr says:

      Changing the Title: Go to Projects view by tapping Projects at the top of the app. Then tap the small “up” arrow in the lower right of the project. Tap on the title. Edit it. Tap the [Done] button.

      Animations are keyed off of the Theme chosen. They are not user-editable. You can get different animations by changing the Theme in use.

  40. Andrea says:

    Hi, how can I post a Voice Video on Linkedin?


    • rikkflohr says:

      It looks like LinkedIn doesn’t support the embed code natively so you would be limited to publishing a link to your video. I did a test post of a link and it looks pretty decent. (not a full frame video window to click on but it does display nicely and give you a path to the video). There may be some third party applications that allow you to embed the code into a “presentation slide” but I haven’t investigated those individually.

  41. Thank you.
    Some of the sample videos shown have video embedded in the presentation. Can I assume that they were not done with Voice®?
    Might it be better to craft a more complex screen in Powerpoint and then save the image(s) as a JPG, then save those in Dropbox® to be able to import into Voice®?
    I am trying to put together a course/workshop for older adults to use to send greetings to family and friends. Any help would be appreciated.

    • rikkflohr says:

      Using another application (Powerpoint as you mention) is one way to go about it – especially if you need complex graphics in your voice. Create them, transfer them to your Dropbox or other Voice-accessible location and create away!

  42. sg says:

    I need to create the storyboard in one city, and the voiceover in another to accomodate our CEO. I’m logged into both ipads with my adobe id but can NOT see the project on both. Is this possible???

    • rikkflohr says:

      Project files are local to a particular iPad. At this time, it isn’t possible to transfer a project neatly between two different devices. Your best bet is to use a single iPad.

  43. Jodi Lawson says:

    One of my students created a project and now it won’t open or play. We get a message to try agAin or open or restore back . Neither works. Any ideas?

  44. Is it possible to use a different microphone for improved quality of the voice narration. I am thinking of getting a Lightning to USB Female connection to my iPad Air, and using a Blue Yeti® USB microphone to record. Is this possible?
    Thank you

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      Although Adobe Voice and its voice-sweetening was designed around using the on-board iPad microphone, external microphones can be used to record your voice-overs. Let us know what you think of the quality comparison!

  45. Katie says:

    I uploaded my video and it says they’re preparing my video and the page seems to be stuck loading….
    I’ve tried uploading it a few times, even made it public. Is there an issue today?

  46. It would appear, from initial inquiries, that a special microphone that is both USB and iOS compliant, will work with the iPad. I am researching further and will get back to you. It seems a shame that one would have to purchase a new iOS compliant external microphone, in addition to the currently owned Blue Yeti® USB microphone.

  47. Further research indicates that a Blue Yeti® can be used to record directly into the iPad by using a power boosted hub for the USB Connection, and, of course, the appropriate USB Female to Lightning connector for the iPad Air.

  48. Well, Rikk…I have good news and bad news. I shudder with anticipation about plugging in my Yeti® through the USB cable into a power hub and then into the connector that Apple calls a Lightning to USB Camera Adapter.

    When I purchased it, the ApplePeeps at the store told me that that adapter was for a camera. They were not aware of using that USB connector to connect an external microphone. They gave no opinion as to whether it would work. Has anyone else done this using Adobe Voice®. I’d sure love to hear even one success story? :)

    Blue® Microphone makes two devices that have a Lightning connector and plug directly into the iPad for use with the iOS7 O/S. My logic is that if an external microphone can be plugged into the iPad Lightning connector DIRECTLY, then it should be able to accommodate a USB microphone from the same company through their USB (Female) to Lightning connector. <>

  49. Katie Tulpa says:

    Is there a time limit to how long the videos can be??

  50. Update on External Microphones and iPad.
    When the Apple® Lightning to USB (Camera) Adapter is plugged in, you can connect a small external USB Mic, e.g., Go Mic® by Samson® or a larger USB Mic, e.g., Yeti® from Blue® Microphones, but…with the latter, the power consumption is greater than the device can supply, so you will need to use a powered USB connection.
    Blue® also makes two microphones that support iOS7 directly. Look at Mikey® or Spark®, the former far more portable than the latter.
    I find the quality of an external microphone to be superior to the ‘onboard’ mic on the device. I find this especially noticeable when I use my external mic with an app such as Adobe Voice® on my iPad. It works just fine!

  51. Heidi says:

    Hi, I would love to embed the video I made on my website. But I don’t know where to find the HTML embed coding. I selected the option ‘copy link’ but then I can’t select the option of clipboard to copy it from. The icon for clipboard just doesn’t work. Is there another option to get to the HTML code?

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