Passing the torch

No more SDKs for me.
With the completion of the CS3 launch, I’ve moved full-time to my new responsibilities as Engineering Manager for (formerly) Serious Magic products (OnLocation, Ultra and Visual Communicator).

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CS3 SDKs live!

Give them a try.

Such a long, long time…

Sorry, folks. It’s been too long since my last post.
There has been plenty of action on the AE API front, but all if it NDA’d. Now the public preview is up, and you can see for yourselves what the team has been up to.
Okay, back to getting this suite out the door…

Is the opposite of locked down…locked up?

Regardless of the answer to such philosophical questions, I wanted to fully endorse and support Apple’s XCode 2.4.1 as a development environment for After Effects plug-ins.
Apple fixed the issues the After Effects team was having (and which were blocking me from using 2.4, and supporting you folks’ usage of 2.4).
Onward and upward!

Not nearly so locked down

Thanks to the efforts of the folks at Apple, it is now safe for After Effects developers to move to XCode 2.4.


For the (completely hypothetical, you understand) next release of After Effects, we will NOT be moving to XCode 2.4, for a variety of reasons into which I will not publicly go. Suffice it to say: Known Issues™.
Stick with 2.3.

Europe again

Yikes, has it really been a month?
Steve Warner (Director of Engineering for our group) and I just had a fantastic trip back to Stockholm for customer visits, and then to Amsterdam for the IBC trade show. I’m digging out of my inbox now, but I wanted to post to say “Thank You!” to the customers who spent time with us, and to the AE developers who made the IBC show worthwhile.
Sorry folks, didn’t bring a camera or the family; more pictures soon!

Onward and upward

For reasons which I won’t elaborate, XCode 2.4.0 development of After Effects plug-ins is unsupported at this time.

Okay, chump…

(“Chump” is self-referential…) Kids are crazy for the blogging these days. What started as an effort to communicate items of interest to developers in a more timely fashion seems to have become something more. At least, based on the feedback I get, people seem to want it to be something more. They also seem to want discounted erectile dysfunction drugs at rock-bottom prices, and pictures of adventuresome poly-sexuals. But hey, one need at a time.


So, I’m going to start adding posts on development methodology, books and articles I’ve found helpful (not necessarily all code-related, but within the bounds of an corporate blog), and developer-related goings-on at Adobe. That, and pictures of my kid; can’t change everything at once.

No one’s posted any feedback about my quick start development guide, which could mean any number of things. I choose to hope it means you’re all well into your own development processes, and don’t have time to waste posting about it on some fool’s blog. So, how about it; what books, articles, or general ideas help you get your Geek on? I’ll start:

SDK Jump-start

Let me know if this helps.
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