Terror of the blank page…

Well, all the kids are doing it, so I suppose it’s time the After Effects API has a blog.
Having shipped the 7.0 SDK, I’ve taken some time to pause and reflect upon the state of the API, the SDK, and developing for Adobe. As comfortable as it would be to think I’m right about everything, I’d like to work with the developer community to confirm our vision(s). Or something.

Before NAB, I expect to post updated versions of both SDKs. Windows sample projects will move to .NET 2005 (as soon as I fix the blasted custom build steps on the PiPL), and MacOS projects will move to XCode 2.2.1.
The CodeWarrior projects will linger in the SDK, no longer updated any further than necessary to debug in compiler that’s more…um…familiar. (play nice!)
About the docs
currently, they’re a little schizophrenic; part encyclopedia, part tips ‘n’ tricks, part Ambrose Bierce impersonation. Optimistically, I tried again to drag the FrameMaker-based docs into InDesign, but it’s not a happy thing. Then I thought, “Hey, I’ll write something whizzy and cool in InDesign, and leave the encyclopedia stuff in the current SDK Guide (from which I would then suck everything save the hyperlinked, cross-referenced tables of Really Important Stuff You Need To Know, for injection into the hip new API Strategy Guide InDesign document. But still…what’s the point of having you look two places for where something might be explained/discussed/mentioned-in-passing?
So I vacillate.

2 Responses to Terror of the blank page…

  1. ben syverson says:

    Why not a wiki instead?

  2. Bruce Bullis says:

    A fine question.
    Primary among the reasons would be that I don’t have much time to devote to maintaining a ‘web presence’ (yes, I’m told wiki’s are self-maintaining, and no, I’m not convinced they are).
    What would a wiki give you that you don’t think will be possible here?