Bigger Picture

So, XCode-related outbursts aside, here’s a high level view of where we are, and where we’re headed.
Our NAB presence will be (unsurprisingly) all about the Production Studio. Adobe likes suites. If you’re a developer who’s exhibiting at NAB, and you haven’t already been contacted by me or Adobe marketing, please send me information about your booth presence, and what Adobe product(s!) you’ll be running.
I plan to release updated SDKs before NAB. The sample projects will have been updated for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005 and XCode 2.2.1. I’ve added a couple suites to AEGP_SuiteHandler, but the AE-related headers will not have changed. The docs will have undergone only minor changes. I’m pressing ahead with my new InDesign-based “tips ‘n’ tricks” document…wish me luck.
For our position and schedule for releasing Intel-compatible Universal Binaries, see:
As always, feel free to ask me AE-(and-hopefully-API-)related questions.
Oh yes, for more (and better) high-level Adobe and After Effects Marketing Vision, see Steve Kilisky’s blog.

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