Back from Europe, back from NAB…

Amsterdam and Stockholm were fabulous. Thanks to Jens, Nils & Peder for their offers of hospitality and assistance around Stockholm. I could visit Stockholm at one end of my IBC trip; let me know if you’d like to meet. I know this place that serves awesome reindeer…
My prediction of new SDKs containing XCode and .NET 2005 samples was overly-optimistic; the Jell-O is still setting. I’ll let everyone know when they’re up.
I quite enjoyed this year’s NAB (my 9th); very pleasant this year. Adobe’s booth looked wonderful, standing room only. The Plug-in Pavilion had traffic and the Adobe-adjacent position seemed ideal. Over the next month or so, I plan to meet with multiple Adobe VPs to discuss improvements to how we work with developers.
Your input is appreciated.

And now, the content that made me flag this with the “irrelevant” topic:
Me, looking thoughtful (and furry):

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