Updated SDKs available

Release 2 of the AE SDKs are now available:
While there are still some rough edges, XCode 2.3 projects are provided for OS X, as are Visual Studio .NET 2005 projects on Windows.
In compliance with revenue recognition regulations, no new functionality is present in the updated SDKs.
I’ve received some feedback that posting irrelevant personal photos was distracting. I made sure that, in this irrelevant personal photo, I’m at least wearing an AE hat.

3 Responses to Updated SDKs available

  1. I rather like the personal photos.
    Please make URLs into clickable links, rather than text that I have to cut-and-paste.

  2. How did you enjoy Stockholm? 🙂

  3. bbb says:

    We LOVED it. It’s a beautiful city. I understand better why the Swedish loggers were so happy in Seattle; it reminded them vaguely of home (in terms of latitude, and integrating with the local waterways).
    The Berns hotel is also very nice, whether or not Axl Rose thinks so.