Passing the torch

No more SDKs for me.
With the completion of the CS3 launch, I’ve moved full-time to my new responsibilities as Engineering Manager for (formerly) Serious Magic products (OnLocation, Ultra and Visual Communicator).

Zac Lam, long-time API Engineer for Premiere Pro and the Adobe Media Encoder, will take over developer support for users of the SDK; the AE team and I will assist as necessary. Most of you know Zac already; I’m sure he’ll do a wonderful job.
[Hard not to be a little melancholy, after all these years…]
My first SDK release was for After Effects 3.1, in 1998; first Windows release, and the Mac SDK still had 68k and PowerPC build configs. [sigh]
The After Effects team has treated my like family, and I’m glad to continue to work with them as Production Premium Suite-Mates™.
I’ve truly enjoyed working with you AE plug-in developers; the community spirit you’ve created is an inspiration.
Keep up the great work!

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