Niggling issue w/new Mac SDK

So, if you’re developing on a MacIntel machine, and testing with AE 7.0, you’ll need to add “PowerPC” to the architectures to build, in each sample project’s settings.

Updated SDKs available

Release 2 of the AE SDKs are now available:
While there are still some rough edges, XCode 2.3 projects are provided for OS X, as are Visual Studio .NET 2005 projects on Windows.
In compliance with revenue recognition regulations, no new functionality is present in the updated SDKs.
I’ve received some feedback that posting irrelevant personal photos was distracting. I made sure that, in this irrelevant personal photo, I’m at least wearing an AE hat.

Know your audience

It’s tough to “aim” the After Effects SDK; it could be used for so many different things.
One could learn the rudiments of C or C++ based image processing, just fiddling around with the samples. One could learn about workflow automation just reading through the headers (AE_GeneralPlug.h would make most integration engineers’ mouths water).
The SDK Guide could be a reference manual, a cookbook, a tutorial…
What do YOU hope to get out of the next After Effects SDK? Besides the XCode and .NET 2005 samples, I mean?

Hand-waving speculation

Wouldn’t an AEGP project diff tool be slick?

Back from Europe, back from NAB…

Amsterdam and Stockholm were fabulous. Thanks to Jens, Nils & Peder for their offers of hospitality and assistance around Stockholm. I could visit Stockholm at one end of my IBC trip; let me know if you’d like to meet. I know this place that serves awesome reindeer…
My prediction of new SDKs containing XCode and .NET 2005 samples was overly-optimistic; the Jell-O is still setting. I’ll let everyone know when they’re up.
I quite enjoyed this year’s NAB (my 9th); very pleasant this year. Adobe’s booth looked wonderful, standing room only. The Plug-in Pavilion had traffic and the Adobe-adjacent position seemed ideal. Over the next month or so, I plan to meet with multiple Adobe VPs to discuss improvements to how we work with developers.
Your input is appreciated.

And now, the content that made me flag this with the “irrelevant” topic:
Me, looking thoughtful (and furry):

Software development propaganda from another time

On my office wall is a poster from a bygone era, and a bygone company. I don’t pretend to agree with everything here, but I like the tone of it. Also, any company whose motto was “No French Horns” deserves to live forever.
The text of the poster follows. I’m off to Europe for a couple weeks, though I’ll be checking e-mail regularly.
Tools != Talent
Does equipment establish the elite? How much ‘having’ do you have to
have? Does it ever bother you that industries have grown up by
preying on your dreams? Remember, if you just have one more pretty
processor, one more piece of software, one more gearhead gizmo, you’d
finally finish the CD, write the hit, get somewhere. Silicon Valley
beckons with the promise of technology you can eat, but in fact when
you buy that technology, they are the ones who are eating. And you
buy more and more.
OCS stands for breaking the cycle of consumption. We are a small
group of music industry refugees, tired of business infighting,
corporate greed, and pursuit of the ‘next big thing’. For a while we
forgot that creation reuires hard drive, not hard drives. But in 1988
we remembered. OSC makes cheap macintosh digital audio software that
you can use to finish real things (CDs, albums, videos, films). We
also publish ‘non-emulative’ CD-ROM sound collections. We weathered
the front lines of the digital audio revolution, but the revolution
is over and now is time for everyone to have their turn. Not just
those with $50,000 of disposable income. Large corporations have
controlled our entertainment industry for many decades. By
controlling the means of production and distribution, these companies
have retained absolute control over content. This era must now come
to an end. The means of production are now within the reach of the
common person, so defy those who would tell you how and what to
create. Take your ideas, and make them real. OSC is committed to
making it possible for all persons to control their creative destiny,
and to produce works of competitive quality. We ay “buy the minimum
and let the idea fuel the fire.” And we back this up by providing
super-affordable tools for making this possible. We are not venture
capitalized, we do not plan to ‘go public’,’ in fact we do this
because it means something to us. We make things only when we want
those things. We use things only when we need those things.
OSC Says:
Tools are NOT talent
Money != Success
Integrity cannot be bought
Consume the minimum, produce the maximum
Talk is a poor substitute for action
Create yourself before someone else does
Don’t do what people tell you to do
Trust your heart
Confront and document
Believe nothing
Finish things and give them to people

User-to-User forum

So, there’s a U2U forum for AE plug-in developers. Cool!
Haven’t yet figured out a way to block the use of graphical emoticon substitution in postings.

Where the magic happens

By request…
The CRT is now flat-screen, but otherwise this is where I spend entirely too much time.
I can't believe you sit in that sty all day.

Advice from people smarter than me

For a better understanding of why you should update your effects to be 32bpc (and, of necessity, adopt the new-fangled SmartFX API messaging), read this bit about After Effects 7.0 and the possibilities for 32-bit color fun.

More XCode debugging details

Set breakpoints in your plug-in.
Build it into AE’s plug-in directory.
Launch AE.
From XCode’s debug menu, “Attach”, and select AE.
Doesn’t work?
Try these instructions. Oh, and buy something from Unsanity, because they’re cool.
Now that your project has defined a debug executable that points down inside AE’s package to the actual executable (gasp!), does XCode magically realize that it CAN attach to After Effects, even though it said it couldn’t a moment ago?
It does for me.