February 16, 2010 /

Introducing a New Digital Magazine Experience

Last Friday, Adobe and Condé Nast unveiled a new digital magazine experience based on *[WIRED](http://www.wired.com)* magazine at the [TED conference](http://conferences.ted.com/TED2010/) in Long Beach, California. Built on Adobe AIR and developed with Condé Nast, the tablet prototype we showed during the TED "Play" session illustrates the possibilities for magazine publishers to reach readers in new ways. The concept enables — in digital form — the immersive content experience magazines are known for, and allows new interactive features to stimulate reader engagement, including:

  • content designed specifically for the touch screen experience
  • easy navigation methods, including an innovative zoomed-out "Browse Mode"
  • the ability to browse image slideshows
  • embedded 360 degree object viewers
  • support for video and audio content
  • the ability to rotate content using device accelerometer functionality

View this video clip of the Adobe/Condé Nast magazine prototype in action at [www.adobe.com/go/wiredvideo](http://www.adobe.com/go/wiredvideo)

In addition, with this digital magazine concept, advertisers have new possibilities for displaying ad content. Advertisers can develop rich-media magazine "inserts" to provide expanded information to customers directly within the magazine experience — without directing the reader’s attention away to a Web site. Publishers can also offer expanded ad formats that include animation and embedded video. Finally, as is the case with most digital advertising, this new magazine concept opens the possibility for more precise advertising performance metrics beyond the comparatively crude audience measurement/ad engagement techniques in use today.


When the *WIRED* app becomes available as a consumer-facing product, readers will be able to use it across a variety of device types because Adobe AIR is cross-platform. And since the publishing world is abuzz about the forthcoming Apple iPad, we expect that through our Packager for iPhone feature (available in an upcoming version of Flash Professional), these types of AIR content apps will run on the iPhone and iPad.

At the core, our vision is to enable publishers a streamlined content production workflow using their existing Adobe Creative Suite toolset, and output that content to multiple platforms. This vision allows us to create the best authoring and delivery technology so that publishers like Condé Nast can focus on what they do best: create compelling content.

**Learn more:**
View a video clip of the Adobe/Condé Nast magazine prototype in action at [www.adobe.com/go/wiredvideo](http://www.adobe.com/go/wiredvideo)

*Publishers:* Follow our Twitter account for updates on how to enable your magazine content for digital consumption [twitter.com/AdobeDigitalPub](http://www.twitter.com/AdobeDigitalPub)



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    Will it use responsive web design or mobile web device specific?
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    It will be interesting to see the evolution of advertising on these devices.