March 9, 2010 /

Times Reader on HP Slate

Yesterday, the Flash Platform team posted a video of the HP slate device and how it enables a range of media experiences. In particular, check out the demo of the Times Reader AIR application at 3:46. This application enables The New York Times Company to reach digital readers in new ways while simulating the design, layout and typographical experiences of the printed medium. Especially as slate devices emerge during the coming year as a new form-factor for digital media, we’re investigating ways that more publishers can use news reader applications similar to the Times Reader to engage their reader base. Stay tuned as we work to roll out the details.

To highlight some points Alan made in his demo, at Adobe (and in particular the Digital Publishing group in which I work), we’re focused on enabling publishers to reach their readers across a variety of devices and screen types. Because Adobe AIR runs across operating system types, publishers like the New York Times can deliver content experiences across emerging device types — including the HP slate — without having to create a native application for each. This reduces production costs for publishers, and allows them to focus resources on developing content.