November 11, 2010 /

Martha Stewart Living – reimagined for iPad

Martha Stewart Living, one of the world’s most recognized consumer lifestyle titles, today launched a new special edition of the magazine created with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.  Celebrating the magazine’s twentieth anniversary, the “Boundless Beauty” special edition includes content created especially for iPad.  The issue includes an Alaskan narrative with immersive photography, panoramic photographs of Martha’s garden, a live display of Martha’s Twitter feed, step-by-step “how to” slideshows, and a beautiful animated cover.  Previewed last month at Adobe MAX, the cover features 180 photos taken over a period of 10 hours and animated to show the flower blooming. The experience also features immersive advertisements that deepen user engagement and allow sustained interaction with a brand.

Gael Towey, Chief Creative and Editorial Director at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, notes that the app pushes the boundary of design on tablet devices. “The launch of our new digital magazine is an exciting moment for us,” said Towey. “Our app is the culmination of a tremendous creative effort as we worked closely with Adobe to push the limits of what is possible on the new tablet devices.”

Earlier, we visited Martha Stewart Living headquarters to get a sense of how they designed content for the digital experience and what role the Digital Publishing Suite played.  Learn more in this short video below:

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite allows publishers like Martha Stewart preserve their meticulously crafted brand and have a direct relationship with their readers.  To date, Digital Publishing Suite has been used to create wide ranging types of content – including highly designed monthlies like WIRED, text-intensive weeklies like The New Yorker, and now specialized lifestyle content like Martha Stewart Living. Digital Publishing Suite includes the ability to use PDF and HTML as options for article content in order to optimize production workflows and streamline file sizes.

Digital Publishing Suite will be available generally in Q2 2011.  Publishers can begin creating content for commercial deployment today using a beta version of the tools.  Access the tools by registering for the Digital Magazine Publishing prerelease program at or download them on Adobe Labs.

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  • By gra o tron - 11:22 AM on April 22, 2013  

    Great, thanks 😉

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  • By Kvisoft - 6:20 AM on December 23, 2011  

    Seeing the flowers blooming is amazing. I do appreciate such work.

  • By LUIS JARAMILLO - 7:23 PM on November 24, 2011  

    Just wonderful, extraordinary, is a new world for the people that like the art and beauty
    thanks for sharing

  • By shaji - 6:29 AM on October 5, 2011  

    This is Very Good Programming

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  • By Angela - 6:19 PM on April 8, 2011  

    Very cool! I don’t have an iPad. I chose the Nook. Hopefully, this digital mag will be available on multiple platforms including the Nook! I am a subscriber to Living. Martha is keep up with the times and I totally appreciate that aspect of the brand!!

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  • By les - 6:25 PM on March 9, 2011  

    That’s why we have libraries. Because everybody can’t afford every book, magazine, newspaper, etc. whether it’s the paper or digital edition. Most public libraries enable you to access e-books. I hope there will be this capability for high priced, glossy publications like Martha Stewart Living.

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  • By Nat - 9:34 PM on December 30, 2010  

    But you can make that argument about many things, cars, education, meals in restaurants, and on and on. The world can not stop innovating because everyone can not afford everything.

    A percentage of the worlds population will never have access to or be able to afford a telephone. Do we stop communication altogether?

  • By LSP - 9:17 PM on December 7, 2010  

    My only problem with ereaders, IPads, etc. is that if you can’t afford all the apps, fees, etc. that goes along with having these devices, how will those people be able to enjoy reading whether it be in a newspaper, book, or magazine? Not fair if you ask me…..

  • By Jairo - 10:08 PM on November 11, 2010  

    I wish I was able to watch the video about iPad in my iPad :'(